Forecast Serbia vs Norway in the UEFA Nations League match

Forecast for the 2022/2023 Nations League first leg Group B match between Serbia and Norway. Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet V.95.


The Serbian national team has shown progress in their formation and play recently, and in general they have a very talented generation. The Serbs have already qualified directly to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, leaving the Portuguese themselves out of the group. They are sure to try and ensure promotion to the elite Division A of the Nations League this season. The opponents in the group of the Serbs are the teams of Norway, Sweden and Slovenia. The opponents are serious, but the Serbs have a very good chance of securing first place in the group.

Of their last five matches the Serbs have won four (over Portugal as well), and suffered only one defeat against Denmark, but it should be noted that the meeting was a friendly.

And at home, Serbia have not lost more than 9 games in a row, often scoring 3-4 goals against their opponents.


Compared to the Serbs, Norway are slightly behind them in terms of class, but they do have some great international talents, such as Erling Holland (who recently joined Manchester City) and Martin Edegaard.

In the last two games, the Norwegians have scored 11 goals and not conceded a single goal. The opponents were Armenia and Slovakia, and the friendly status of the games does not alter the fact that the Scandinavians have no problems with their attacking line-up, and they are perfectly capable of playing attacking and combinational football.

The current Norwegian generation is certainly one of the most talented and promising in the team’s history.

Statistics of previous encounters

The teams of Serbia and Norway have met each other only once – during Euro 2020 qualifying. The regulation time did not decide the winner, the score was 1:1, but in extra time, thanks to a goal by Milinkovic Savic, the Serbs took the lead, and eventually earned a trip to the European Championship.

Forecast and bet on the match Serbia – Norway. Outcome with a cf. 2,33

For all my sympathy to the Norwegian team that shows brilliant football and has in its squad players of the world level, I still tend to lean towards a clean victory for the Serbs, they are too good in their home conditions. For sure, the teams will be able to score, and if the game opens up, we can expect a fairy tale of goals, but the ultimate success will be for the Serbian team.

Jovic, Milinkovic-Savic, Tadic, Mitrovic, Lukic – with such a selection of players, the Serbs will still outplay the Norwegians, led by Holland, and upset the opponent more than once.

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