Forecast Ukraine — France in the framework of the 2022 World Cup

Qualifying matches for the upcoming World Cup have been held since Wednesday. Moreover, in the Old World this “window” seriously resembles the Euro schedule, with games for 3 days. So those who opened the current cycle in mid-week will return to the field again on Saturday. Including in Kiev, where 1 of the nominally central fights of the day will be played by the national teams of Ukraine and France. But what is the attitude of the “blue-yellows” that they made a new misfire? The journalists of our site made a forecast for one of the central matches on September 4, 2021. The statistics of matches can be found at 1xbet.

Ukraine in this selection “churned out” draws

“Yellow-blue” the current selection began under Shevchenko. Moreover, the “Gauls” were sensationally stopped in Paris. Only that score, 1-1, was repeated with both the Finns and the Kazakhs here, in Kiev. Then there was the Euro, with the quarterfinals, but big questions about the game. And finally, a flight to Nur-Sultan on September 1st. With a new mentor, the team stepped on the same rake that prevented it back in March. Having started powerfully (Yaremchuk scored an incredible goal) and created a lot of chances, the Ukrainians screwed up a lot. For a long time they will remember the moments of Matvienko and Sobol in the 2nd half, at 1-0 … But traditionally they have already allowed the opponent to score almost from the first serious moment. Worse, having “picked up” on the 3rd added minute (Sikan marked the opening), the “zhovto-blakytki” managed to miss again. In the same style: Karavaev did not follow Valiullin … That’s it, can I prepare for the Euro? Or is it too early to put a cross?

France does not look like a team that realizes its potential

The Gallic Cockerels have become one of the biggest disappointments for the Euro. They went there in the status of world champion, and only the lazy did not draw an analogy with what happened 20 years ago. Then Deschamps was on the field, and in the status of captain he raised the world champions and the Euro trophy for cups. Now, already as a coach, he finished the fight with his charges already in 1/8. Moreover, such an impression, they were simply punished for relaxing too early. Leading in a strong-willed 3-1 style, the favorite allowed Switzerland to win back. And then there was a lost penalty shootout with Mbappe’s decisive misfire, which also failed personally. Moreover, 1-1 on Wednesday in Strasbourg against Bosnia, with the removal of Kunde, is also not an asset.

Previous matches

France did not lose in the first 7 matches – up to 0-2 in Kiev in the junction for reaching the world championship. However, in the “otvetka” it was 3-0 in favor of Ribery and the company. And a year ago, “coronavirus” Ukraine lost 1-7.

Match prediction

Ukraine seems to have to start a serious restructuring. France will not misfire twice, we bet on the guests (coefficient – 1.67).

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