France — Finland 2022 World Cup qualifying match forecast


Interestingly, the French think that everything is going according to plan … It’s normal when you have the craziest cage in Europe of players, and maybe even in the world, and at the same time you cannot beat Bosnia, Ukraine … It’s not time to think about changing the coach? In my opinion, for a long time the players of the national team have been engaged in an outright drain of the mentor, as they show just a disgusting game, and the results … It’s not only the 2 September matches with the Bosnians 1-1, and the Ukrainians 1-1, such poor results have been dragging on for at least a year. Losses from the Turks, and a draw with the Turks in qualifying for UEFA EURO 2020, a draw with Luxembourg at home 0-0, these are not signs that it is time to change something ??? Well, about the European Championship itself, I generally keep quiet, since the “tricolors” there simply disgraced themselves and that’s it … Well, in the current qualification, the French had the most convincing game against the Kazakhs, they won 2-0, and that’s actually all … So what are the reasons to bet on the French in this match, and also on their confident victory? In general, there are no reasons …


The Finns have everything in their hands in terms of the chances of getting to the World Cup. They are now in the second position in the group, 2 draws, 1 win, 0 losses, good statistics with which you can easily claim the second final place in the group, and maybe even the first, considering how ugly the French are now. By the way, and the Finns less than a year ago confidently beat the “tricolors” in a friendly game 2-0. There is nothing surprising in this at all, since taking points from the French is now a task that is probably feasible even for dwarf national teams … There can be no talk of any major defeat of the guests, the Finns are strong middle peasants who limp quite a bit in the attack, but here in defense, they know how to put reliable buses. In official matches, the Finns have only one major defeat in the previous 5 years, they lost to the Bosnians 1-4 in the qualifier for UEFA EURO 2020,


More odds per match can be found at how to register with 1xbet. The French have odds (1.15) in this match. I would like to ask the bookmakers a question, ARE YOU SERIOUS ??? In general, the so-called reigning world champions have no game for a long time, and they lose points with everyone in a row, but here the coefficient (1.15) on them … a very good coefficient is emerging, namely, the handicap (+2) for guests is estimated at (1.9), this is a great option! Since the current France can hardly beat someone with two goals…

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