France — Kazakhstan match forecast for World Cup qualifiers

On Saturday, November 13, in Paris, at the Stade de France, France and Kazakhstan will meet in the qualification for the 2022 World Cup.

France football team

The French national team leads their group in the qualifying tournament for the 2022 World Cup with 12 points in the asset. For six games played, not a single match has been lost, with three wins and the same number of draws. So far, there have been no crushing victories on the account of the French, with the implementation of chances not everything is smooth, but at the same time everything is pretty good in defense (only 3 conceded goals in 6 games).

In the last three games, the French have scored 5 points: 2 draws and 1 victory. And France parted world first with Bosnia and Herzegovina (1: 1), where Griezmann answered Dzeko’s goal, and at the beginning of the second half the French were in the minority and got a little hooked, but still left their goal intact.

After the match with Bosnia, the French drew with the same score with Ukraine. In this fight, as with Bosnia, we had to recoup again, this was done at the beginning of the second half by Martial. The French in this fight looked a little sharper than their opponent, but they weren’t enough to win.

And in the last game played, France beat Finland (2: 0), with an overwhelming advantage in all game components, they managed to score only a small part of the scoring chances. A double in this game was marked by Griezmann.

Football team of Kazakhstan

The national team of Kazakhstan rounds out Group D in the selection for the 2022 World Cup. Only three points were scored in seven games, but at the same time the Kazakhs imposed a struggle against all rivals and showed a decent result. There are no more chances to reach the main part of the World Cup, all that remains is not to lose face in the last round.

The Kazakhstani national team drew with Ukraine twice in this selection. First, visiting Ukraine (1: 1), when they managed to recoup in the second half, losing during the meeting. At the same time, the Kazakhs defended very well, fighting back stubbornly from the attacks of the opponent, who struck 29 times at their goal, while the guests were only 5.

After that, there was a draw at home (2: 2), where the Kazakhs escaped defeat in the 96th minute of the game, thanks to Valiullin’s goal, who scored a double in the match.

Kazakhstan lost the last two games with the same score (0: 2). First Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then Finland.

Forecast for the match France – Kazakhstan

France and Kazakhstan have played only once in their history. This game was on 03/28/2021, then the French beat the Kazakhs away (2: 0).

France has not yet secured the first place in the group, while the opponent has already lost all chances to advance to the main tournament of the 2022 World Cup. France will be over-motivated and will do everything in this match to secure the first line for the round before the end. Moreover, everything that did not fly in in the past matches, I think it will fly in this game, while a lot in the first half. And in the future there will be a crushing victory score in favor of the French, with a high degree of probability that it will be dry.

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