Germany vs Austria match forecast at the Women’s European Championship


Along with the continental hosts England, the Germans seem to me to be the second favourites in the Playoffs. The Voss-Tekelenburg charges simply didn’t notice the group – 2-0 against the Spaniards, 4-0 against the Danes and 3-0 against the Finns near the end of the group stage. Everywhere the Bundesmanschaft played pressure and created plenty of chances. It was captain Alexandra Popp who stood out, scoring in every game at the Euros. And with Austria, the German style of play would not change.


Austria qualified for the Euros play-offs for the first time. The team has shown a very rational football, based on their capabilities, and the strong side of this team is the defense and the ability to counterattack in the lack of attacking opportunities. A 0-1 start for England was made up for by victories over two major Euros underdogs, Northern Ireland (2-0) and the Norwegians, who were locked in a 1-0 draw to secure their place in the group. The Germans will be pressing hard, but their defence is so well built that they should not get too many shots on goal.


It’s hard to watch women’s football on a regular basis due to the very poor technical ability of many of the players, but the Germans look like a machine here too. They are higher class, more intense than the Austrians, but will face a massive opponent’s defence, so they won’t achieve a big victory, although they are unlikely to miss from not the strongest attacking team. So the classic variant of victory through the bottom from the favorite looks great here. I think we’ll see 2-0, 3-0 in favour of the more experienced Germans here. For full statistics and odds for the match, look at app download.

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