Gzira United — Athletic Escaldes match forecast for Conference League qualifiers

Malta and Andorra will meet. In my opinion, the home team are the favourites. Their championship level is a little higher, moreover, they look preferable in terms of names. Do the visitors have a chance of progressing to the next stage? For full statistics and odds for the match, look at 1xbet promo code free bet.

On Tuesday, July 5th, the Gzira will face Athletic Escaldez at the Centenari Stadium. The home side have played one friendly after the holiday and drew 2-2 with Hibernians. The pace was good, although the result was not exactly happy. I think the head coach can be happy with his team-mates. For their part, the visitors last played at the end of May. The club after the break will have its first match, and even more so an important one. Of course, for an away team things are already looking bad. Friendly matches are a great opportunity to tone up, find and choose the optimal squad.


Gzira have beaten Hibernians (2-2-2), Guja (3-1) and lost to Hamrun (0-2), Santa Lucia (0-1) in their previous five matches. “Gzira is a team with good attacking players. They have a Brazilian quartet in the front line. They carry the whole squad. The rest of the squad is dominated by Maltese players. Darren Abdilla knows how to use his strengths. His men are great in the closing phases. Forward Maxwell Samurai, for instance, has scored 15 goals. The technical forward from Brazil is dangerous on the first floor and in open space, with his compatriots actively assisting him. In defence, however, there is no order. If Gzira’s defence improves during the current campaign, they could be well on their way to medals and, indeed, other trophies. In the 21/22 season, the team reached the quarterfinals of the Malta Cup play-offs. This is a very big achievement for her. All of the home team’s players can make it into the squad.

Athletic Escaldes

Athletic Escaldes have beaten Extremenia (4-1), UE Santa Coloma (3-2-1-1) and lost to Sant Julia (1-2), Inter Club Escaldes (1-4) in their last five games. “Athletic Escaldes is a modest club. It has no great achievements in its history. Within the Andorran championship. Athletic’s best performance was in the 2005/2006 season, when it finished in sixth place. However, in 2021, the team managed to improve its result, reaching the fifth position. It has a modest record, even by the standards of Andorran football. I doubt the visitors will be able to offer anything against the Maltese club’s Brazilian diaspora. The most dangerous in the Athletic Escaldes line-up is midfielder Aleix Cistero. The Spanish player stands out. He works well with the ball, has a flair for goal and also shoots penalties in cold blood. I think he’s the only one we should expect to be dangerous. The away team’s sickbay is empty.

Prediction for the match:

I’m confident that the Maltese club will be able to shut down the visitors’ leader. Without Sistero, Athletic are unlikely to score a prestige goal. The best choice is to trust Maxwell and his partners. I expect the Brazilians to create a lot of chances at the opponent’s goal, achieve a comfortable head start before the return leg, and then continue to prepare for the start of the season. “It will be difficult for Atlético de Madrid to get off to such a difficult start to the season without preparation.

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