Hungary — England World Cup match forecast

Team form

Hungarians at the European Championships almost got out of the death group. They managed to catch draws against France and Germany, and conceded three goals from Portugal only at the very end. With the crowded stands , the Magyars played two wonderful matches, so the English just won’t be able to. Although the Hungarians’ play should not be overestimated, the Euro and the qualifying matches are a different story. There was nowhere to retreat, Hungary was immediately fighting for second place.

The England national team has healed their mental trauma from defeat in the final and with renewed vigor goes to the assault on Qatar. The Lions won the first three qualifying matches without any problems. Even the Poles (2: 1) had little chance from the game. It is clear that it will be difficult for the Southgate team. On the other hand, if they manage to score, preferably in the first half, then the Hungarians can fall asleep, as was the case against Portugal.

Outcome betting

The odds for the victory of England are 1.48. Quite good quotes, but not for an ordinary, especially the Hungarians may well present a sensation.
In this match, it is better not to touch the net outcomes market and refrain from betting on these positions. There are more interesting options,
about them below.

Handicap betting

And the odds do not look like something profitable either. For the “Magyars” they give only (+1.5), and for 1.62. Rather, the British will win by two goals than the Hungarians will not lose. 1xbet download think the other way around. No, of course, Eastern Europeans may be surprised, but the coefficient for this is too small. And (-1.5) looks too bold on England for 2.44 , you can take a closer look.

Total bets

The Hungarians have conceded less than 1.5 goals in seven of their last ten. We lost only once, not scored only twice. Moreover, in seven meetings, the Magyars opened the score in the match.

The British taught everyone to grassroots football – eight meetings out of ten. Only in three games did the opponents manage to score at least one. The Lions won the same number of matches. Interestingly, the British themselves were unable to break through the individual total of 1.5 goals as much as seven times.

The total under 2.5 is estimated at 1.83 , and the individual total is less than 1.5 for the British at 2.12.

Forecast and bet on the match Hungary – England

This is where the bottom game suggests itself. Southgate’s England has been very pragmatic lately, and the Hungarians themselves will definitely not climb. The classic total is quoted less at 1.83 , you can consider the outcome with England’s ITM 1.5, but here it is more risky, the Magyars can play two.

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