Inter Milan — Real Madrid, UEFA Champions League


Inter started the season very brightly in terms of attack – 3-1 beat Verona away, 4-0 at home Genoa, while in Genoa they played Sampdoria 2-2. In attack, Dzeko and Lautaro, with the support of Correa, look very effective, while in defense, not everything is smooth. 50% on San Siro will create a powerful cheerleader background, so that the “Nerazzurri” will be active in front, so the Italian champion will be able to play his goal here for sure.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid strongly renewed its roster – 2 main centerdef Ramos and Varane left, Zidane left, and Carlo Ancelotti was returned to his place, who had already successfully coached the “creamy” under Perez. Madrid brought Bale back, and Benzema is incredibly good on the edge. Only at home they beat Celta 5-2, although in the course of the fight they were inferior to the Galicians. Alaba, Seballos, Kroos, Bale, Jovic – serious losses for Madrid, then they are considered underdogs. The pin in the center of defense Militao-Fernandez does not look very reliable, but the guests take their attack.


All statistics for the match can be found at download 1xbet app nigeria. Excellent conditions for the passage of the OZ. Inter has a great attack, plus Real Madrid has a poorly played tie in defense due to Ceballos’s injury and the departure of two pillars of defense, while the guests themselves with Benzema and company are good in attack, and Inter’s defense, which is not very reliable under Inzaghi, to open the “royal” the club is able. It is quite easy to imagine how the OZ can pass in the first half of the match with the proper attitude to the implementation of the chances.

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