Japan — Spain at the Olympic Football Tournament

The clubs played among themselves 14 days ago and then it was not possible to identify the winner. The game ended with the score 1: 1.
The statistics of head-to-head meetings between Japan (Olympus) and Spain (Olympus) have not been very saturated lately. Only one game played. On the basis of which it is difficult to find patterns in the succession of one of the teams.

Japan (Olympus):

 Some recent info about the last games:
Last time a team played at home against a club from the city – New Zealand 3 hours ago. Good defensive play and one accurate shot decided the fate of the meeting.
Earlier, the Japan team had an away match with the France club, which took place 3 days ago. Excellent offense and excellent defensive play led to a crushing victory in this confrontation

Spain (Olympus):

 Food for thought:
Last time Spain played at home against Côte d’Ivoire. A gorgeous shootout in the form of an abundance of goals certainly delighted the fans. The winners, represented by this team, realized a greater number of chances and were able to adequately work out in defense.
Earlier 3 days ago, the team had a home match with the Argentina club. In this confrontation, the teams were unable to identify the strongest. As a result, only one point scored

Despite the fact that the team Spain (Olympus) is playing away, the chances of its victory are very high. On the bookmaker’s line, the odds are set at 2.14 – how to register with 1xbet

Predictions Kush in sports Japan (Olympus) – Spain (Olympus)

Spain (Olympus) have suffered 0 losses in their last 5 games. You can bet on X2 2.50

Team Spain (Olympus) has problems with a good conversion of chances on the road, as a result of which few away goals were scored, which is not a reason to put on ITM2 1.5 2.15 – download 1xbet app nigeria

In the last 5 games, with the participation of the Spain (Olympus) club, a total total of 10 goals was shown. The results of the last matches show that the Spain (Olympus) team does not always play well in defense, and at the same time has time to create something in the attack. Therefore TB 2 1.62 

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