Juventus — Cagliari match forecast for Italian Serie A

In Italy, the year will close in football terms as early as next week, and before the weekend. Part of the final round will be played as early as Tuesday. Including 1 of the giants, Juventus, will play. That’s obviously not how they plan to face the winter holidays, but in any case, they should definitely pick up a win at the end. Fortunately, it’s just Cagliari coming to Turin. Can the Old Signora players handle it? The website has an exclusive forecast for this match on December 21, 2021. All odds and statistics for the match can be found at 1xbet app review.

Juventus are not quite where they thought they would be.

The Elder Signora are a grandee that has been feverish for more than a year now. By and large, it all started with the decision to change things by “leaving” Allegri, who had been in charge of Turin for far too long. As a result, a very controversial season under Sarri and an outright failure under Pirlo, when only Napoli’s stupidity gave them a place in the top 4. But now that Massimiliano is back and Ronaldo is gone, there is little to be proud of. Except 1st place in the Champions League in their group (thanks to Zenit!). That got them into the last eight with a pretty passable side, Villarreal. But they might not be in the next UEFA Champions League tie, as Juventus are now very far behind the leading quartet. On the other hand, they have picked up 10 points in the last 4 rounds of the Calcio, and the 2-0 draw with Bologna is the third such result in that time.

Cagliari once again consumed by the struggle for survival

The islanders seem to have everything to be one of the Serie A mid-tiers. Or even aim for something more – there were such plans a couple of years ago. But now the representative of Sardinia is again among the weakest in Calcio – that with Madzarri at the helm, with Joao Pedro Galvão scoring heavily at the cutting edge, and an abundance of players with a name behind the Brazilian striker. But it has been very rare to win in this league season. The unbeaten streak of 9 games was interrupted only this week, and then 3-1 against Cittadella in the cup. And what – then there was no answer to Udinese’s 4 goals – and at home.

Previous matches

In the last 10 matches, of course, Juventus have won 9 times. Cagliari produced just 1 win in that span last summer.

Match prediction

Juventus could well at least repeat the results of the previous majority of the last round, winning 2-0. But opt for the wider option, with a -1.5 handicap on the Old Lady (odds – 1.65).

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