Juventus vs Chelsea Champions League forecast


It will take time for Allegri to make Juventus competitive again in the Champions League. In the meantime, we observe that the “old lady” either stalls in Serie A, or completely loses points. At the start of the season, she scored only 2 points in 4 rounds. And now we are seeing how Juventus beats teams such as Sampdoria and La Spezia with only a minimal score. Turin had only 2 strong opponents this season, in both cases they could not win. Now they have to compete with the winner of the Champions League at all.


Chelsea lost for the first time under Tuchel to a top team (after all, Leicester has not grown to such a status, and Arsenal have long lost it). Thomas has been leading the Blues for almost a year, during this period they won three MCs, took 4 points with Liverpool, dealt with Atlético and Real Madrid, took 1 point away from Old Trafford. That is, Chelsea plays great with a new coach against European giants, one misfire is not indicative. In addition, the Londoners lost to City in the fight, in the first half they practically didn’t let the “townspeople” do anything. There is no panic after the first defeat of the season. On the contrary, Tuchel will try to improve and motivate his players to fight Juventus.


All odds for the match are on 1xbet bonus code. Juventus is not ready to fight Chelsea right now. At the moment, these are teams of different levels. Actually, that’s why we see that the bookmakers are showing the British as clear favorites. In such a state, the “old senora” is hardly capable of defeating one of the strongest clubs in the world. What she can do is avoid defeat. Yes, the statistics are not impressive, the Turin players have missed a lot, but they will not act as the first number against Chelsea. Here Juventus will play on counterattacks, focus on defense. Indicative is the match against Milan, in which, after a quick goal, Allegri’s charges gave up the initiative and did not allow the Rossoneri to do anything. Until that same goal from the standard, Milan did not create anything dangerous at the Juventus goal. The “old senora” can play reliably in defense, when he deliberately relies on defense. So it won’t be easy for Chelsea. Actually, Tuchel’s team does not score much, especially in such status matches. You can remember all the matches of the “blues” under Thomas in the Champions League – they have never shipped more than 2 goals to an opponent. Even Zenith missed only 1 goal at Stamford Bridge. Finally, in the last matches, Chelsea played out for a long time, with the same Tottenham did not create anything in the 1st half. Chelsea is not the same effective team as Bayern or MS, for example, Londoners are much more effective in destruction. This season, the Blues have conceded only 2 goals in the Premier League and the Champions League, with 1 from the penalty spot. They played great outnumbered at Anfield. It was hard for them against the MC, but only because of the hard pressure of the “townspeople”. Juventus is clearly not capable of this. So it turns out that in the match you should not expect an extravaganza of scoring. There will be a cautious game from the hosts, and the guests are included only in the second half. At the same time, I exclude the victory of the Turin people. Even if Liverpool and MC barely beat Chelsea, it will be much more difficult for Juventus to do it. And finally, statistics. Under Tuchela, the bet on the fact that the Blues will not lose, and there will be no more than 3 goals in the match, was held in 32 out of 39 games, in the Champions League in 7 out of 8 fights, that is, we have excellent cross-country ability.

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