Mainz — RB Leipzig forecast for the German Bundesliga

On Sunday, 15 August, the two final matches of the first round of the German Bundesliga will take place. In one of them, “Mainz” will host “RB Leipzig”, which has already washed white-washed Sofievskaya Square and is ready to debut in the new championship. Having lost head coach Nagelsmann, who was replaced by American specialist Jesse Marsh, “Red Bull” continues to nurture ambitious plans for dropping “Bayern” from its damn perch. It hasn’t worked yet. Let’s see how it comes out in the 21/22 season.


One shouldn’t be surprised about the candidacy of a new chief. The connection between Leipzig and the Austrian Salzburg has long been known to everyone and everything – in fact, the Red Bull concern does not make any secrets from this. Migration of players and coaches back and forth has become a common thing, therefore, when the shadow of the Munich team loomed threateningly over the defenseless Nagelsmann, “RasenBall Sportclub”, grieving, turned to the “subsidiary” club and pulled the American out of there. Fortunately, Jesse Marsh deserved a promotion for a long time. “Salzburg” rustled gloriously with him even in Europe, not only in their own country. In the summer, “Leipzig” with the new coach spent only three test matches, in which he achieved three different results. First, they won a victory over AZ with a minimum score of 1: 0, then they lost to Montpellier (1: 2), and for a snack they drew with Ajax (1: 1). Then it was time to start the new season with the National Cup match against Sandhausen. The representative of the second Bundesliga was carefully dismantled for parts by means of two goals in each half – 4: 0. In this match, all the main summer acquisitions of “Leipzig” entered the field – except for center-back Joshko Guardiola, who was still sitting on the bench, giving way to Willie Orban and another newcomer, Mohamed Simakan. For him, “Strasbourg” received 15 million (“Leipzig” is very counting on this player), and for Guardiol Zagreb “Dynamo” were given 18. In “Manchester City” 18 million “redemptions” fell on the card for Kraik Angelinho, who previously played on loan , the “Monaco” sent a suitcase with 15 million for the defender Benjamin Henrichs, and the most important acquisition was the striker Andre Silva from “Eintracht”. His contract pulled 23 million. In addition, we must not forget about the promising striker Brian Brobbie, who came from Ajax as a free agent. ” The purchase of two centerbacks at once is explained by the departure of Dyot Upamekano to “Bavaria”, for which the Munich players gave 42 and a half million without a sound. According to Dyot’s first game for the new team, it seems that they bought the second Boateng – a man clearly with understanding, but somehow without a king in his head, or something. However, this was just the first match, let him play at least 10 games in order to make some assumptions. Almost ten million more “Leipzig” vytsygani from Gladbach for midfielder Hannes Wolf, also in “Udinese” midfielder Lazar Samardzic drove off, and in “Liverpool” – defender Ibrahim Konate. Incidentally, the shadow of “Bavaria” continues to loom menacingly over “Leipzig”. Now she fell on the midfielder Marcel Zabitzer, for whom the Munich people are offering 18 million and various buns in the form of bonuses. The 27-year-old player of the Austrian national team, crazed by the prospects, has already asked to be sold to Bayern Munich and refuses to renew the agreement with RB in effect until 2022.


While teams of “Leipzig” caliber trade players from left to right, hitting hard money, “Mainz”, spreading out small change in a knobby old woman’s palm, carefully counts every penny. However, two and a half million for the defender Sylvan Widmer from “Basel” “carnival” still scraped together – but that’s all. Three more players came for free: free agents defender Anderson Lukoki from Arminia and midfielder Zhi Sun Lee from Holstein. Goalkeeper Florian Müller returned from loan to “Freiburg” – and was immediately sold to “Stuttgart” for five million. Almost two more Lema earned on the transfer of midfielder Pierre Kunde to Olympiacos. As for the rest, here, too, there are solid free agents. Defender Philip Mweene drove in PSV, “Mainz” spent four sparring in the summer, three of which won. He lost as much to Liverpool himself, and only 0: 1, so it can be forgiven. The winners were “Wurzburger” (2: 1), “Gaziantep” (1: 0) and “Genoa” (3: 2). In the first round of the German Cup, the team, led by the legend of the club Bo Svensson, had an enchanting torment with the representative of the Regional League “Elversberg”. At the 73rd minute, the hosts opened the scoring and a full-fledged sensation was brewing, but at the 89th “carnival” they still scored a goal. Nevertheless, the stubborn hosts took the lead again in the 110th minute! Six minutes later, 21-year-old Jonathan Burkardt equalized again, scoring his second goal of the match (pay attention to this guy, I guarantee he will make a nice noise), and turned it into a penalty shootout. The first five penalties were punched properly, so the case had to be extended – until the host’s representative von Pihovski ruined his attempt. I can imagine how Pikhovsky was stuffed in the locker room …

“Mainz” – “Leipzig”: indicative lineups

The trouble came from where they did not expect … but no, they did. Tests of 14 players and representatives of “Mainz” at once (but it is not reported how many players exactly. They are talking only about Karim Onisivo) on the traditional and already usual test for covid were positive. Therefore, keep in mind that the following outline of the indicative composition is shown without taking into account this story. It is even possible that the entire team will go into quarantine and the match will be postponed, but it seems like this option is not being considered. Only Saturday evening will the application of “Mainz” for the match with “Leipzig” become clear, but surely not all the main ones will appear on the field. So go to the bookmakers and bet on a convincing victory for “Leipzig”! Guests cannot count on injured Marcel Halstenberg and Marcelo Saracchi. Dani Olmo got some rest after performing at the Summer Olympics and as part of the Spanish national team at Euro. Marcel Zabitzer is unlikely to play at least once for “Leipzig”, as dreams of “Bavaria” firmly took possession of his brain and he is even ready to personally wash Sofia Square to shine, if only he was released into the camp of the country’s champion.

“Mainz” – “Leipzig”: the forecast of the author

Taking into account the awful situation in covid in the camp of “Mainz”, there are no other options but to bet on the devastating victory of the guests. On May 24, 2020, such a victory has already taken place: then Leipzig won 5: 0 away, but in January 21, the “Carnival” sensationally won 3: 2. The match should be super productive, but, of course, on the one hand. “Mainz” in general for three years now put dashes in the second Bundesliga and we must assume that Svensson’s team will once again become one of the main characters in the struggle for survival. I bet on the guests with a handicap of “-2.5” on how to register with 1xbet.

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