Manchester United vs Villarreal, UEFA Champions League forecast

In the second round of the Champions League, Group F members Manchester United and Villarreal will present football fans with a remake of last season’s Europa League final. The Spaniards then managed to win on penalties, and the Mancunians probably remember this defeat well. Whether the revenge will take place, we will find out on September 29. All eyes are on Old Trafford.

Manchester United (Manchester)

It seems that everything is shaping up in the upcoming fight in favor of the Mancunians. In the English Premier League, the team is one of the leaders along with Chelsea and Liverpool, in the last three games they have won three victories. Cristiano Ronaldo joined the team and team interactions, as if he had not gone anywhere. It can be seen that he, in contrast to being in Turin, again enjoys football. Seeing such a game, the fans rejoice and the coaches are happy.

In the Champions League, on the contrary, the first pancake turned out to be lumpy – a defeat at a party from the modest “Young Boys” from Switzerland. One can complain about bad luck, that the team played in the minority for one and a half after the removal of Aaron One-Bissaki, finally, for the goal presented to the hosts in the fifth added minute to the match, thanks to the mistake of Jesse Lingard. All this does not in the least detract from the merits of the Swiss, but the circumstances were clearly not in favor of the guests.

Now the Mankunian will have to rehabilitate himself not only for the loss in Switzerland, but also for the defeat of Villarreal in the Europa League final. One can only imagine how Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wanted to win his first trophy at the head of Manchester United, but Unai Emery stood in his way, who now has four such cups. Surely Manchester United have grown a big grudge against their upcoming rival.


According to many experts, in Group F there is a clear favorite – Manchester United and two approximately equal contenders for the second place – Villarreal and Atalanta. In the first round, the Spaniards took the Bergamasks at home and drew. Strategically, this result did not suit the owners in any way, in favor of the “yellow submarine” schedule. The team will play two paired matches with Young Boys, the weakest of the quartet, but managed to get hold of three points in the match with Manchester United.

It will be very difficult for Villarreal to pull off the same trick on Old Trafford. You can only count on stability. The history of the confrontation with Manchester United is small, but it is replete with draws. In the Spanish championship, after four rounds, Villarreal had four draws, and finally, on Wednesday, the team delighted their fans by beating Elche 4-1 at home. In Manchester, a draw will clearly be in favor of the Spaniards.

In addition, the “yellow submarine” will have to go through an excellent rehearsal before leaving for England. In the sixth round of the Spanish Example, Villarreal will play away with Real Madrid. If, according to the game model, “Real” is not exactly “Manchester United”, then in terms of team interactions and status, this is the rival that is needed.

Forecast for the match “Manchester United” – “Villarreal”

Manchester United and Villarreal have an interesting confrontation. The teams met each other five times. The last match took place this year, and we talked about it above. The other four fights were all within the framework of the Champions League tournament, their results are quite eloquent, you can draw your own conclusions for yourself. Let’s just say that they obviously play into the hands of the guests.

09/14/2005, Villarreal – Manchester United – 0: 0;
November 22, 2005, Manchester United – Villarreal – 0: 0;
09/27/2008, Manchester United – Villarreal – 0: 0;
11/25/2008, Villarreal – Manchester United – 0: 0;
26.95.2021, Villarreal – Manchester United – 1: 1.

1xbet login rate the odds of Manchester United much higher than their rival. The odds for the home win against the League of Bet are 1.51, the win for Villarreal is estimated at 6.29, the odds for a draw is 4.70. The Mancunians need the first points. In addition, they will clearly want to redeem themselves in front of the fans for their defeat in the League Cup against West Ham on Wednesday, so Manchester United will win by a one-goal lead.

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