Match forecast Gremio – Sport Recife, Brazil Serie A

The 23rd round is already being held in the Brazilian championship – the draw traditionally started in the spring. One of the intrigues of the denouement of the local Serie A: will Gremio be saved? A strong and popular club hangs out in the relegation area. But now Sport Recife will come to him, one of the few teams that is even lower. Will you be able to cope with it? The site’s journalists have written a prediction for the match that will be played in the early morning of October 4, 2021. Look for more predictions on how to register with 1xbet.

Gremio is unable to leave the danger zone.

The “Musketeers” were quite stable at the top of the Serie A standings. For example, the last draw ended in the final 6th place in the table. And suddenly – a failure in the form of a fall into the direct departure zone. Only after Luis Felipe Scolari appeared on the coaching post did it start to work out. Under the leadership of this experienced mentor, the club issued a streak of 5 wins in 7 matches in August-September, sharply reducing the gap with its neighbors. But in the last round, a week ago, Atlético Paranaense defeated them very confidently and calmly, leaving them in the “flying out” 18th position. On the other hand, having won, Gremio can jump 2-3 places up.

Sport Recife looks more and more doomed

The Lions are used to the fact that they either fly into Serie B, or with great difficulty avoid it. In the last draw, it turned out to score more than 40 points and quite calmly win the right to continue playing in Brasileirao. But this summer has failed completely. And the fact that so far the team is the penultimate is due to the presence of another 1, which does not even more correspond to the level of the club’s division – Chapecoense, which has 10 points in the asset. However, Sport Recife has only 7 more, and what’s the difference from which position to fly? In addition to the junction of July and August, when 8 points were taken in 4 rounds, the “lions” seemed simply superfluous in Serie A. Now they have 8 matches without victories – but how to take them if all this time there was not a single goal scored opponents? Although sometimes it turns out to bring meetings to a draw (of course, 0-0).

Previous matches

Sport Recife is like a kind of curse for Gremio. The Musketeers have won only 1 match out of the last 11! Even this season, Sander’s goal brought the Lions another victory in June.

Match prediction

Gremio looks like the favorite, but he simply must win. But, keeping in mind the history of confrontations, it is better to take “total less than 2.5 goals” (coefficient – 1.64).

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