Match Union Berlin – RB Leipzig, Bundesliga forecast

Germany, unlike other European football nations, have not staged a tour this weekend, giving the teams a rest. So it’s no surprise that here the new game day starts as standard on Friday night. The Eurocup participants, Union (Berlin) and RB Leipzig, will play each other. Who should now be seen as the favourite in this pairing? The experts of our website have made an individual prediction for this match on December 3, 2021. Odds for all sporting events can be found at 1xbet app review.

Union (Berlin) holds its own, already becoming a familiar, level

“Iron” play in Bundesliga 1 for the third year in a row, and all in history. And one can only commend Urs Fischer and his charges. In their second season, which was often fatal for the newcomers, the capital club not only stayed up – on the contrary, they improved, earning a pass to the Conference League. Trials in the League, however, were not particularly successful for the Germans (before the last matchday they finished third in the group with six points). But in the Bundesliga, even after losing to Eintracht at the weekend, they contrive to be among the contenders for places in the European competitions.

RB Leipzig risk a disappointing season

“The Bulls were expecting a difficult year, because they lost both their mentor, Nagelsmann, and key performers such as Upamekano and Zabitzer (all “stolen” by Bayern). And that was not all the loss of this progressive project. Still, Leipzig should have been used to such departures, and reacted to them as usual: they took Jesse Marsch from Salzburg as a coach, invited promising players… But somehow there was a noticeable breakdown in the game. And not only in the domestic arena: in the Champions League it is obvious that the Germans will not rise above third place. But at least the opponents there are strong, PSG and Manchester City. In the Bundesliga, on the other hand, it is difficult to explain the chronic misfiring. After 1-3 at home to Bayer, the club are now evenly matched in wins and losses, 5 each. And with 18 points after 13 matches, the club, which is accustomed to always being in the top quartet, are only 8th…

Previous Matches

After appearing in Bundesliga 1, Union lost three straight to RB Leipzig. But in May, on home soil, the Iron were finally able to outplay the Bulls.

Match prediction

RB Leipzig is regarded by inertia as the unconditional favourite in this pairing. That said, it is out of form, and Union should take points at home (odds are 2.0).

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