Melbourne City vs Western United match forecast for the Australian Championship

Melbourne City v Western United forecast and betting, stats, odds. The final Australian A-League clash will be a Melbourne derby as Melbourne City take on Western United, who can’t beat four games in a row. Can the Citizens make history on May 28 as the first winners of two straight league titles, or will the neighbours clinch their maiden trophy?

Melbourne City

Melbourne City have generally had a pretty good season this season, despite some difficulties at the end of the championship. Patrick Kisnorbo’s side had a very tough encounter in the semi-final round with Adelaide United and only managed to get a ticket to the main championship game in extra time (0-0 and 2-1). The meeting with the city neighbours will be held at the Citizens’ Stadium, which will give them a more familiar environment and they will also have the support of the home side.

Western United

Western United are in an even tougher position than their current opponents in the semi-finals. John Aloisi’s side lost 0-1 to Melbourne Victory in the first game and had to take their chances in the return leg, which yielded a successful result (4-1) and a pass to AAMI Park for the final round. The side have been unbeaten in four games in a row and are determined to fight for their maiden league title.


Either way, this final will be historic. Either the Citizens win the A-League twice in a row, which no one has ever done before, or Western United win their first league trophy. Both clubs have come a long way to the main event of the season and will do their best to win.

As far as the match-up is concerned, Melbourne City are considered clear favourites, but in practice it might not turn out to be so easy. They’re very good and solid defensively and could easily hold their own in regulation time. And even the Citizens’ big forwards have been ‘silent’ twice in the past four games, which doesn’t inspire the fans. We think it’s worth paying attention to a bet with a low final result – the importance of the confrontation and the price of a mistake will not allow the clubs to play recklessly.

Most likely, we should expect close football. The prediction is a total of less than three goals. Betting odds of 1.63 for such an outcome at 1xbet promo code free bet

In our opinion, the Citizens still look preferable as the winner of the pair. They are more stable on the season and were able to conserve more strength, although they played their semi-final later than their opponent. And in terms of names, Western United are clearly inferior to their opponents, which is also important. From the looks of it, the encounter will be an even fight, but the champion will be able to find the keys to the opponent’s goal and snatch the title.

Our second bet would be a Melbourne City win. This bet can be placed for 1.74

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