Nottingham Forest vs Arsenal, FA Cup forecast

A truly legendary English team will meet in the oldest official football tournament. A classic for old-school fans. If we delve too deeply into history, we can remember that the difference between the births of the clubs is 21 years: Nottingham was founded in 1865, while Arsenal was founded in 1886. And here the most interesting thing is that in the creation of such a club in London several former players took part just “foresters”.

Sadly, Nottingham have lost their power and now have to make do with the lower leagues, but Arsenal, on the other hand, feel they are experiencing a reincarnation and will definitely be the leaders in this pair. Will the Foresters trouble them? Full statistics and all odds for the match can be found at how to register with 1xbet.

Nottingham Forest

By “legendary”, of course, they were referring to Nottingham’s two consecutive Champions League victories in 1979 and 1980. Before that it was the English First Division title, and after that things went downhill. The Foresters are now ninth in the Championship, even keeping their chances of a top-six position in the Championship alive for a chance to contend for promotion to the APL – the team are six points behind sixth-placed Huddersfield with a game to spare.

Nottingham have lost their last two games but before that, Steve Cooper’s side had a nine-game unbeaten streak that included four wins. There is some stability, although the end of the year has been frankly bad. It should be noted that the two aforementioned defeats were to direct rivals in the competition for places in the APL – Huddersfield (sixth position; 0-1) and Middlesbrough (seventh position; 0-2).


The London club cannot boast the European trophies like Nottingham, but at least they’ve been consistent in the APL at a high enough level – please. In recent years, the Canaries have been in a depressing (in terms of results) hole, but Arteta, who almost lost the trust of the fans, is beginning to justify the credits given to him. “Arsenal are confidently going into the championship in a well-deserved fourth place.

They have suffered three defeats to start the campaign, but they have lost just three times in the last four months. And from strong opponents: “Everton (1-2), Manchester United (2-3), Liverpool (0-4) and Manchester City (1-2). If against the Merseysiders it was a one-goal game, against the other teams it was even football. And against the Citizens, and in general, Arteta’s team looked stronger. Progress is evident – growth from match to match.

Personal meetings between Nottingham Forest and Arsenal

In the confrontation between the teams, the round number is 100 matches played. The Canaries have a big advantage in victories – 51-27. In the current century, the teams have met three times. Interestingly, in the League Cup in 2016 and 2019, Arsenal were stronger (4-0, 5-0), but it was in the FA Cup and also at the City Ground in 2018 and also (as today) in the third round that Nottingham won 4-2.

Nottingham Forest vs Arsenal match forecast

Forest have made good progress, but two defeats in a row have knocked the team out of contention. A tournament like the FA Cup is always a breath of fresh air for teams from the lower divisions, so it won’t be easy for Arsenal. But the Canaries are no ordinary opponents at the moment, so it will be a tough competition. There should be goals, because both teams are good in defense, especially with the reserve players in the squad. Prediction: Both to score.

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