Peru vs Ecuador match forecast for the 2022 World Cup

Peru will clash with Ecuador in round 16 of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Who will be the stronger of the two neighbours? Full statistics and all odds for the match can be found at 1xbet betting.


The Peruvians had a poor showing in October, with one win and two defeats, but then they came together and won in three straight rounds. Bolivia (3-0), Venezuela (2-1) and Colombia (1-0) took turns against Peru. Thanks to the winning streak, Peru were able to score a total of twenty points and move up to fourth place. It’s too early to rejoice, however, with Uruguay trailing by one point.


Ecuador continues to pleasantly surprise, coming into the reporting period with a 4-match unbeaten streak. First, the Ecuadorians were at peace with Colombia (0-0), then they beat Venezuela (1-0) and Chile (2-0), and in the last round managed not to lose to Brazil (1-1). Despite their strength and status, Ecuador played better and attacked more often, but could only score once. Ecuador currently have 24 points and third place.

Statistics and figures:

Peru have three wins in a row;
Ecuador has four rounds without defeat;
In the first round match Peru won 2-1.


Peru has a 3-match winning streak, and indeed won the first head-to-head encounter. But my preference is still for Ecuador, which plays at a higher level and shows more interesting and meaningful football.

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