Prediction Colon vs Banfield in the Argentina Super League match

On Tuesday, there will be very few sporting events in the football world: basically everyone will already be preparing for matches between national teams, because now another “FIFA window” is opening. But some fights can be found, especially at night: in the Argentine Example there will be a couple of games, including between Colon and Banfield. Which club will win in Santa Fe? The analytical department of the website publishes an individual forecast for this game, which will take place in the first hours of October 5, 2021.

Colon nevertheless, he won his first trophy of a more or less serious level – well, just like the current generation of the Argentine national team, led by Lionel Messi. Only “Los Sabaleros” had a triumph on the 116th anniversary of its existence. It was this team that unexpectedly won the Professional League Cup, an unusual tournament that was held in the first months after the lockdown so that the top division clubs would not be idle until the start of the long-awaited championship. Perhaps, somewhere, the giants reacted to him without the maximum reverence, but not a representative of Santa Fe, which before that could only include 1 vice-champion title and 1 lost final of the Copa Sudamericana (by the way, recent, 2019) … But it is not possible to develop especially success. Now the team may not hang out at the bottom of the table, as it was in the 2019/2020 season (23rd place with 24 participants), but there are not enough stars from the sky: 19 points after 13 games played, and only 1 win in the last 7 games. It was 1-0 at home with Central Cordoba. In general, it is noticeable that Eduardo Dominguez’s charges play much more confidently at home: with all the problems in the current Example, there are no defeats in 5 games in a row (3 wins, 2 draws).

Banfield  does not suit such a “swing” for his fans, taking off from the penultimate place to the 1st trophy. But he also had no significant success in modern history for a long time. It turned out to make some noise at the beginning of the century: 2nd place in 2005, the only championship in 2009. But since then, the “white-greens” managed to fly to the 2nd division and come back. There were no particular successes, rather it turns out to keep at a more or less even and decent level, at a distance from the bottom of the table. In the 2019/2020 draw, it was 17th place, in the Professional League Cup it was not even close to catching on the playoff zone (according to the regulations, only 2 teams from both groups went there, into which the participants were divided). Now the club goes beyond the top 20, gaining strictly 1 point on average per fight (13 to 13). What stands out is Juan Cruz, a young striker (now 22), that he has already scored 5 goals – half of what this team has in the asset. Including thanks to his double, Sanguinetti’s wards beat Atletico Tucuman in the last round. This is only the 2nd victory in this championship, the first was back in July. Thanks to her, it turned out not to meet October in the last place in the table.


“Colon” ​​is good at home, but “Banfield” is gaining good points on the road. So it is better to use such a neutral betting option as “both teams will score” (coefficient 1.96 from promo code for 1xbet) .

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