Prediction England vs Switzerland in International Friendly Matches

March 26 will please with an abundance of interesting friendlies between the national teams, we offer our prediction for England v Switzerland, who are quietly preparing for the World Cup. Full statistics and all current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet review.

The English should squeeze the maximum out of this generation

Many experts have commented on the fact that England have one of the strongest generations in history. Contributing to this upturn is the fact that the APL is now the most expensive and strongest championship in the world. At the last European Championship, the ‘founding fathers of football’ were one step away from winning the title, the team played well, but lost in the final to the Italians on penalties. In qualifying, they have had no problems, going the whole distance without a defeat (8 wins and 2 draws), with their closest pursuer, Poland, trailing by 6 points. At the forthcoming World Cup, England will certainly be among the favourites in the tournament.

The Swiss have got everyone’s respect

The Swiss side’s exit to the World Cup was a bit of a sensation as they managed to beat Italy in the group, who were drawn against twice and then battled in absentia. In the end, the Scuadra Azzura misfired in the last round, ending up in the play-offs, from which they had already sensationally dropped out, losing 0-1 at home to Northern Macedonia. The Swiss have once again confirmed their high class, with no big stars in the squad, there are quality players who do a good job.

Face-to-face encounters

In face-to-face encounters, the obvious advantage is on the side of the English, which will not come as a surprise to anyone. The last time the teams crossed paths in 2019, it was the meeting for third place in the League of Nations, with England winning on penalties.

Match prediction

In the confrontation between two strong European national teams bookmakers give preference to the hosts. England’s line-up is stronger and the factor of their arena will add confidence, Switzerland is used to playing against opponents of this level and is able to hold their own. The game should be played with a slight advantage for the English, and we’ll take our chances on a clean sweep.

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