Prediction for Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United in the Champions League

Atletico Madrid

Madrid are having an average season overall in terms of results, they continue to fight for medals in the national championship, and they continue to compete in the league standings. But given what Atletico have been used to in previous years, their play and results now seem simply awful and lacklustre. At least 2 or 3 games to make a winning streak at all, and there is no signature quality defensive play from Atletico. Right now, the Madrid team is conceding a lot, in the national championship they have 34 conceded goals in 25 meetings. As for how the team made it through to the play-offs in the league, here also everything was very thin, and barely made it to second place in the group in the last round. And it is worth mentioning that at the group stage only in the first leg Madrid managed to score a zero in front of their own goal and then they conceded in absolutely every game. So the attitude to the Madrid club is now very dubious.

Manchester United

Manchester City have almost stopped losing altogether since Ralf Rangnick took charge. Now, the Manchester side need to somehow reduce the number of draws and it would be good for them in general. But it is precisely because of the high number of draws that MJ cannot achieve anything significant in the domestic league, and they are still only in 4th position. Given the fact that the Madrid team now concedes in almost every game, it is worth paying attention to the fact that it is extremely rare that MJ now leave the field without a goal. In the 20 previous matches in the different championships, Manchester City have only one game in which they failed to put the opponents’ goalkeeper to bed. In this game, too, we can obviously see a goal from the visitors in this match. The Madrid side have either forgotten how to dry games or have deliberately abandoned this style of play. But it remains to be said that Atletico’s defence is now completely in tatters. And Manchester City, who regularly score, can clearly take advantage of that momentum.


Full statistics and all current odds can be found at promo code for 1xbet. I immediately paid attention to the option of betting that Manchester City will score in this match. And I`ll probably choose this one. If you look at it from any angle, a goal by the English looks very real. They concede in almost every match, the others score in almost every match. My bet: Manchester will score.

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