Prediction for the match Brazil – Egypt


Perhaps the Brazilians had the best quality in the group stage of the Olympic tournament. A good attack, and a fairly good defense, that’s the guarantee of a pass to the playoffs. The Brazilians have a real scorer at this tournament, we are talking about Richarlison, who has already scored 5 goals. In total, the Brazilians distinguished themselves 7 times in the group stage. There was a slight embarrassment in the match with Cote d’Ivoire, when the final score on the scoreboard was 0-0, but given the two confident victories of the Brazilians 4-2 over the Germans, and 3-1 over Saudi Arabia, such a mistake does not look too catastrophic. for the 8 teams that remained in the battle for medals, the Brazilians seem to be the most convincing of all. And perhaps Dani Alves, who, in his old age, decided to get an Olympic medal, was not a weak contribution to this.


Egypt came out of the group, from the group that was very difficult in which there were the Spaniards and Argentines, and this is certainly a huge success for Egyptian football! Should we expect the continuation of the banquet from the pharaohs? Probably not, as they achieved their successes in grassroots matches. Both the Argentines and the Spaniards played modestly in the attack at this tournament, and Egypt took advantage of this, since there was no big pressure on their goal. But the Brazilians are actively attacking and score a lot. Spain and Argentina combined for the group have scored almost twice less than the Brazilians alone. And there is reason to believe that with an actively playing team ahead, the Africans will not be able to do anything. The Brazilians took the Olympic football gold in 2016, and after 5 years, they are surely eager to repeat this success! And the humble Egyptians will not hinder them in this.


Look for up-to-date information on 1xbet v.83(2625). Perhaps there is no need to invent anything over complicated, and you just need to bet on the favorite to win. The coefficient for the Brazilians is set quite good, given the high probability of victory for the Brazilians in this match (1.4), a good coefficient that should be used. My bet: victory for Brazil.

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