Prediction for the match Krylya Sovetov – Spartak Moscow

Wings of Soviets

Wings return to the elite and immediately fall to defeat, moreover, to defeat from a second-rate team with which they will probably have to find out their attitude about relegation at the end of the season. Samara lost to Akhmat in the first round 1-2, and by the 20th minute the Wings were already burning 0-2. It is quite an alarming sign for the team that they poured down like that at the sight of a Chechen team that has been wiping the doors of the FNL for several seasons … Well, in general, Wings have become in recent years the most striking example of the expression “team-lift” They change the elite division to the first one very often, and if in the “FNL” they feel like kings, then in the elite every year they have sadder and sadder things …. The team’s composition is frankly weak, there are almost no legionnaires at all

Spartak Moscow

Spartak started the championship with a defeat, they got a defeat from Rubin 0-1. I’m not surprised at all by this fact. And all because Spartak played very well in friendly matches before the start of the season. But this is already a rule, if a team plays well in friendly fights before the start of the season, this is a clear sign that they will not be able to start in the championship with a victory. And this rule works not only with Russian teams, but in general with all. But of course there is no disaster, now the main thing for Spartak is not to swim and show his true strength in the upcoming match. Spartak was lucky with an opponent here, because after a misunderstanding in the first round, it is not the most difficult task to correct the situation in the match with the team from the “FNL”. Spartak is doing well with the attacking line, there is someone to score and score a lot, it just didn’t break through in the first round. Taking into account the obviously not the most confident defense of Samara, in this fight Spartak is able to score a lot, and confidently win.


Despite the fact that both teams lost in the first round, there is still a confident favorite in the upcoming fight. More info at 1xbet nigeria. Samara played the first match extremely sluggishly, and there is a possibility that they may generally skid decently at the start of the championship. Well, Spartak needs to improve after the gray first round, and get on the winning track. My bet on this match is trivial, the victory of the favorite, and the favorite here is Spartak.

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