Prediction for the match Qatar – USA

The Qatar national team, perhaps, became the main opening of the Golden Cup. The victory over Honduras in the group stage was already a big surprise, and the success in the duel with the players from El Salvador was completely unreadable. Yes, in many ways the current owners were lucky at the beginning of the match with two quick goals. But the Qatarians after a successful assault on the gate calmly retreated, and in the second half they punished the opponent for playing all-in. I am impressed by the attacking style of the Sanchez team, although the relatively low level of the players prevents the Qatari from showing themselves to the full.


Team USA is simply the champion in minimal wins. Berhalter’s wards did not make it to the semifinals quite fairly. Yes, in the match against Jamaica, the hosts of the tournament had a territorial advantage, but they could miss three times and go on vacation. The Americans allowed their opponents a lot, scoring the only goal just 7 minutes before the end of regular time. Again we have to say that the “Stars and Stripes” do not play as the main favorite for the title. Only in the match against the Martinique national team did the hosts have a tangible playing advantage. In other cases, the United States won despite the flow of the match.

Forecast and bet on the match Qatar – USA. Exodus cf. 2.55

Except for another boring victory, the Americans have nothing to expect. The Qatar national team has already shown its maximum, and the confrontation with the hosts of the tournament will no longer pull. Wards Berhalter in the final will be waiting for Mexico or Canada, and now the “Stars and Stripes” will again win with little blood.

Bookmakers on 1xbet doubt the “grassroots” scenario of the match. This is quite striking, given the Stars and Stripes’ commitment to defensive football. In my opinion, the Qatar national team will not be able to impose their will on the opponent and will play strictly on counterattacks. The Qatar tricks from the previous match will not be played in the semifinals. Therefore, I am taking the “bottom” counting on America’s minimal victory.

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