Prediction Juventus vs Udinese in Italy’s Serie A match

Juventus vs Udinese, stats, odds. Juventus have not lost to Udinese in three games in a row, but whether or not to expect a win for the favourites and January 15, you will find the answer in the forecast. How will the teams play?



Juventus suffered a poor start to the season and took a long time to find their form. Massimiliano Allegri’s side, meanwhile, have pulled themselves together and begun their fight for the Champions League title. On Matchday 22, the Bianconeri sit in fifth place with 38 points – fourth-placed Atalanta are three points adrift of the table.

However, the neighbour from the top has another match in handicap, so theoretically the handicap could increase. Meanwhile, they’ve played one game fewer than they did the previous season and there’s no way Juve can forget about the title. Juventus missed out on the Super Cup this week when they beat Inter 1-1 in regulation time in the battle for the title.


Udinese have a poor start to the season, with a decent start to the campaign but they’ve slowed down after that. Back in the first round, the management decided on a change of manager – Luca Gotti was sent off and Gabriele Cioffi was appointed in his place. There was no immediate result, and in addition, the Zebra side finished the first round with severe staffing shortfalls.

Udinese are currently 14th in the table with 20 points. They are four points adrift of the relegation zone, but their arch-rivals have already played two more games. Udinese lost 2-6 to Atalanta at home in the last round, their first defeat in their last three league games.


Juventus had a tough match against Inter in the Super Cup this week, where they gave a lot of energy. However, it is unlikely that the hosts will allow themselves to play with their sleeves down tonight – the competition for a place in the top four is very high and one mistake could end up being fatal. The home side’s stakes, no doubt, are strictly for victory – Udinese, in their current condition, can hardly hinder these plans.

We believe that the visitors have no chance. Our prediction is an Asian handicap (-1.5) for Juventus. At 1xbet promo code, the odds are 2.25.

“Udinese have defensive problems that Atalanta took advantage of in the last round, scoring six goals against the Zebras. “Juventus have a massive class advantage and will be incredibly motivated. It is unlikely that the favourites will limit themselves to a minimum win today.

Our second bet would be a two-goal win for Juventus. Such a bet can be placed for 4.05

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