Prediction Juventus vs Villarreal in the Champions League match

For the second week in a row, the return leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16 is being played. Juventus and Villarreal will be among the last to play on Wednesday evening. Massimiliano Allegri versus Unai Emery – which of them will outplay their opponent? The website’s analytical department has prepared a forecast for the decisive match between the Italians and Spaniards on 16 -March 2022. Full statistics and all current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet nigeria.

Juventus want to regain their greatness

It was the Champions League that gave Juventus their first-ever trophy. And in his first cadence, Allegri reached the final with the club – but lost there. Eventually, a couple of years ago, the club’s management decided to “leave” Max. But experiments with Sarri and particularly Pirlo almost spelled disaster and cost the Scudetto. In the end, the coach was brought back and Ronaldo was disposed of, having decided to build a winning club all over again… And failed in the 1st round. And now, having strengthened Vlahovic, they have managed to return to the top-4 in Serie A, but not to clinch the title. The compensation could be the Champions League, where they did well in Spain in February. But they still need a win at home.

Villarreal are more successful on the international stage than at home

The Yellow Submarines made a bid for Unai Emery in 2020. The intention was obvious: the experienced and successful mentor was to take his new charges to a new level. So far, his work in the new position leaves a very contradictory impression. On the one hand, in the Primera Division, the club, in fact, are hovering on the spot, not even close to claiming the much-coveted 4th spot. On the other hand, in his first year in charge, the new coach has brought the Underwater side their first major trophy – Villarreal won the Europa League. At the same time, they qualified for the Champions League, this time advancing from the group. At home, however, in the first leg of the last eight Villarreal conceded a goal – Vlahovic, making his debut in the tournament, scored in the 1st minute. But the Yellow Submarine managed to reply in the 2nd half. 1-1, under the current UEFA regulations, does not give the former visitors an advantage in the return leg – everything, in fact, has to start all over again.

Previous games

The encounter on February 22 was the first official meeting between Juventus and Villarreal.

Match prediction

Allegri and Emery are unlikely to delight fans with a spectacle – both need a result first and foremost. And the outcome of the first leg does not force anyone to take any risks. We expect a total of less than 2.5 goals (odds 1.73).

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