Prediction Marseille — Lokomotiv Moscow in the Europa League match

We bring to the attention of our readers the forecast for the match Marseille – Lokomotiv Moscow, the rivals will play in the final round of the group stage of the Europa League. Match odds can be found at how to register with 1xbet.

Marseille has disappointed in European competition

Given the composition of the group, Marseille could well fight for the Europa League play-offs, but in five meetings the team could not get a single win. They got off to a four draw, and in the last round they lost away to Galatasaray 2-4. Now the maximum for Marseille team is the third place and the Conference League, for this purpose it is enough not to lose the upcoming battle. In the championship the team is still in third place, in the last round Marseille unexpectedly lost at home to Brest with a score of 1:2. There are no staffing losses ahead of this meeting.

Lokomotiv are in a slump on all fronts

Lokomotiv are currently in a real crisis, the team is failing in all competitions and cannot get out of their peak. In the Europa League, the railroaders have only two points, sitting in last place in the group. There is still a chance to slip into the Conference League, but they need to win the upcoming battle. The club is having a disastrous stretch in RPL as well, where it has lost its last three matches, falling back to sixth place, there is still a fight for European Cups ahead, the gap from the top three is all 3 points. Muscovites have big staffing losses, for various reasons nine players will miss the meeting.

Personal meetings

In the battle of the first round, Marseille had a big advantage and everything was going to win the French club, but Lokomotiv managed to level the score at the end of the meeting, playing in the minority – 1:1.

Match prediction

Both clubs were unsuccessful in the group stage, so now they will fight for the third line in the quartet. Marseille are seen as big favourites, with the odds on success for the home side only going down. At Loko, things are looking bad; the prerequisites for a feat are definitely not there. From the tournament point of view, the French club will be happy with a draw, but we will bet on Marseille’s victory with a -1 goal advantage.

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