Prediction of the match Bologna vs Napoli in the Italian Serie A

In Italy, the Serie is gaining momentum after the winter break. And this time there will also be active play on Monday. It all starts with a clash between Bologna and Napoli. A strong mid-table side versus a club that is a contender if not for the title, then for a place in the top 4 – who will win? The editors of the website present their forecast for the match on January 17, 2022. Full statistics and all odds for the match can be found at how to use 1xbet bonus.

Bologna’s overall showing is within expectations

“Rossoblu is not the kind of team that can do anything particularly surprising. They simply have no money to make any noticeable improvement. Many clubs with more serious budgets already have poorer results. So now they are signing free agents. And so lucky in the summer to lure in the eccentric, but talented Arnautovic. He clearly came “under Mihajlovic”. And Sinisa, who has not even been crushed by cancer, remains the factor that allows Bologna to perform well. And sometimes seriously surprise, as they did with a nil draw with the leaders, Inter – so began the year 2022. Then, though, there was the defeat to Cagliari, but the team, weakened by the coronavirus, simply did not have the strength to hang on until the final whistle.

Napoli struggling to maintain their position

The Partenopei have given different emotions to their fans this season. First, there was Luciano Spalletti’s triumphant start in the new place – an almost 100% result following the first 11 rounds (31 points out of a possible 33), then there was a sharp decline, with the loss of the leading position, and the risk of leaving the Champions League zone altogether. However, they pulled themselves together at the right moment, and it looks like the small break helped. They managed to avoid losing to a direct rival, Juventus, on their home ground, and then they beat Sampdoria. But now they have a new problem: several players, including Koulibaly, are away at once for the CAF. And that’s with a busy calendar. Only Thursday was the cup encounter with Fiorentina – and a sensational 2-5 at home.

Previous matches

Napoli have won all last 3 games between the clubs. The victories were more solid and confident: 1-0 in November 2020, 3-1 in March last year and, finally, 3-0 in October. And it was Insigne who did the double – the same one who is now completing a loan spell in Napoli – who will move to Toronto in the summer.

Match prediction

Bologna are simply exsanguinated, and that’s something to take advantage of. We’re betting on a win for the visitors from Napoli (odds are 2.01).

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