Prediction of the match Real Madrid – Athletic Bilbao in the Spanish La Liga

In Spain, the Spanish Cup 1/64 finals are played in the middle of this week. But four teams, namely the league champion and vice-champion, as well as two Spanish Cup finalists, are exempt from the two rounds of this tournament, as they will be playing the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia in the winter. Incidentally, Barcelona will play against Real Madrid in the semi-finals of that tournament. Odds for all sporting events can be found at app download.

Barcelona and Atletico will now rest, while Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao will play in the Spanish championship. It is a rescheduled match that did not take place at Real Madrid’s request. The Madrid side’s reasoning at the time was that they had a lot of Latin American players returning late from postponed matches in South America due to covid.

Real Madrid have a great chance to bounce back in the standings. It will finally play this rescheduled match. “Real Madrid approach the real clasico with a six-game winning streak, as matches between teams that have never been eliminated from the Primera Liga are called clasico. “Real have beaten not only the respected gentlemen from Moldova and Ukraine, but also everyone in the Spanish championship.

Three days before this match, Real Madrid secured an important win against Sevilla, scoring in the closing stages. “Real Madrid won deservedly, and in general they are in very good condition. There are not many injured in the team.

Let’s take a look at Marcelino’s team. The Bilbao side have gone five games in a row without a win. That’s one defeat against Cadiz, but also four consecutive draws, with some of the draws coming against top-flight opponents. Since the win against Villarreal, Athletic have been without a win in five successive rounds. In this situation, it is unlikely to win at the Santiago Bernabeu and unlikely to draw.

Atletico have Iñego Martínez, a key defender in the team, suspended. He was red carded in the 98th minute in the last game against Granada. In a situation where the Atletico defence will be without their key player and Real Madrid have both Benzema and Vinicius, who scored a superb goal against Sevilla, in excellent form, then Madrid will win in such a situation.

The odds on a clean win for Real Madrid are low, at around 1.49. Betting with such odds is not very interesting, but you can take the victory of Real Madrid with a difference of 1-2 goals for 2.10. I’m not urging you to go to the office and bet on this option, I’m just sharing my thoughts and prediction for this match.

The odds are higher, but the risk is bigger too. I think Real Madrid will win this match by 1 goal difference. I don’t think Madrid will lose or win by a big score. In such a situation, when assessing the lineup, this option seemed the most interesting.

It is worth noting that Athletic have a very good defence. The team scores and concedes very little. A typical bottom team. It would be possible to take the victory of Real Madrid through the total less, but I like the variant with a victory of 1-2 goals more.

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