Prediction of the Sao Paulo – Palmeiras match at the Brazilian Cup

The football schedule can be a joke, forcing teams to play each other in succession, first in the championship and then straight into the cup (or vice versa). Such is the case in midweek in Brazil, and in fact, São Paulo and Palmeiras will cross paths again here. They’ve just played their games in Serie A and now they’re meeting in a different format. Who will be better this time? The audience of the website has access to the forecast for the central match on June 24, 2022. Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet bonus code.

Sao Paulo try to hold their own among the leaders of the current draw

The Tricolor have been unable to present something substantial to their fans for a long time, over a decade. And 13th place in 2021 wasn’t some kind of shock. But, of course, one wanted to correct something like that. The management took the rather populist step of bringing back Rogério Seni: the legendary goalkeeper-bombardier was reappointed as head coach. With him it was possible to win their group in the Copa Sudamericana with 16 points. And even in Brasileirao it was a good result, with a climb to the top five. But there have been a lot of misfires in the summer so far, worth the 0-1 draw at Botafogo. And with Palmeiras itself in the last matchday it was 1-2 at home.

Palmeiras are trying to regain the top spot in Brazilian football

The Piggies have hardly finished the year recently without some kind of clear success, with a concrete result in the form of trophies won. In 2016 and 2018, they managed to take the league title. In 2020-2021, under current coach Abel Ferreira, the Brazilians won the Copa Libertadores, the local equivalent of the European Champions League, twice in a row. In addition, the Brazilian Cup was also captured. Now, too, they are off to a decidedly successful start. In the Copa Libertadores, they even produced a 100% result in the group stage, with 6 wins in 6 games. In Serie A, the results are not so brilliant. But, having stumbled a bit at the start, the favourites began to justify their status by the summer, finishing in first place in the standings and cementing their place. Corinthians have the same number of points but have played one more game.

Previous games

The clubs crossed paths in the state championship – first in the regular season and then in the final. Palmeiras won the former and in the decisive round, the Piggies, after losing 1-3 on the field to Sao Paulo, threw in a 4-0 rout in the return leg.

Match prediction

Palmeiras could well repeat their success, albeit in the cup. But, taking into account the field factor, let’s go with a zero handicap on the visitors (odds – 1.81).

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