Prediction of the Taglieres vs Flamengo match at the Copa Libertadores

Thursday continues both the European Cup week in the Old World and a similar struggle in South America. There, the Copa Libertadores have passed the ‘equator’ of the standings. And, in Round 4, Teneres Cordoba and Flamengo will play each other. Argentines v Brazilians – who will be stronger? The journalists of the website have prepared a forecast for this match that will take place in the early hours of May 5, 2022. For full information and all odds for the match, look at 1xbet app.

The Taglierez Cordoba showed one of the best results in the history of 2021

The Matadores have never won the Argentinian title in their history, and only once, in 1977, they took 2nd place. So the bronze medal, taken in the last Primera Division, is a clear success… But they have failed to capitalise on that: the current Diego Maradona Cup has effectively been a failure, with the ambitious side closing in on last place in their group. On the other hand, Terceres is doing quite well in the Copa Libertadores. In their native Cordoba they beat both Universidad Católica and Sporting Cristal minimally, but more importantly. True, the trip to Brazil turned out to be an unassailable defeat, 1-3.

Flamengo are unlikely to be happy with their start in this draw

The Vultures were able to take the title twice in a row in 2019 and 2020, also winning the Copa Libertadores in the first of those seasons as well. Last year, it ended worse – both in Serie A they fell back to 2nd place, and in the international tournament they managed to reach the final, but lost there. There were serious intentions for the new draw: they lured Paulo Sousa to the head coach’s chair with the Polish national team, signed quite actively during the winter (and later, at the end of March, Ayrton arrived from Spartak Moscow). But the results so far have been markedly below expectations. The only exception was their performance in the Copa Libertadores. There the Brazilians started with 2-0 on Sporting Cristal, and then no less confidently, 3-1, took on the representative of Argentina – the double was scored by Everton Ribeiro. At Universidad Católica they also extended their winning streak to 3-2 with a Gabriel Barbosa double.

Previous Matches

Even strangely, this is the first time the clubs have played each other in April.

Match prediction

For both clubs, this match is a great chance to secure their passage into the playoffs of the tournament. We recommend to bet on the fact that the duel will be recorded “both to score” (odds – 1.92).

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