Prediction Watford vs Arsenal in the English Premier League match

In England, the lion’s share of next weekend’s fixtures will take place on Saturday. But there are still a few meetings on the second weekend. The first to be played at this time will be the London clubs: Watford v Arsenal. Roy Hodgson’s experience against Mikel Arteta’s zeal – who will win? The website’s analysts publish their own prediction for the match on March 6, 2022. Full statistics and all current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet application.

Watford have improved under their new manager, but not enough

The Hornets, or rather their owners, have always been eager to change mentors with extra zeal. Now they have their 3rd in some six months. It all started with Munoz, and it seems there is a risk that this little-known Spaniard will prove to be the most effective manager at the capital club this season. Only the Pozzos know why they had to replace him with Ranieri. Claudio has frankly failed to live up to expectations and he was replaced in the FIFA window a month ago by Hodgson. Under ‘Old Roy’, the players began to defend themselves in a much tighter and more organised manner. But the number of goals scored has also fallen, so the overall results have not increased particularly. Well, at least they finally beat Aston Villa, and last round they held out against Manchester United.

Arsenal could have prepared well for this meeting

The Canaries played their last game on February 24 – that is, as late as last Thursday. So they could have waited for everyone to recover and rest. On the other hand, there is a risk of losing the momentum gained. Mikel Arteta’s charges did not have everything going for them, to put it mildly, at the start of the 2022 calendar year. But they won three straight last month. And, ironically, due to transfers, they beat Wolverhampton twice in the process. First, it was a narrow win, taken thanks to Gabriel’s only goal midway through the 1st half. And on the 24th everything was decided in the last 10-15 minutes when 1-0 in favour of Wolves turned into 2-1 for Wolves. Yes, that gives them the opportunity to go in 6th place for now – but there are plenty of matches in reserve.

Previous Matches

Watford have only managed to take points away from the Canaries once in their last 6 meetings, playing them to a draw. This season, in November, they managed to squeeze 1-0 to Arsenal, although 1 goal was cancelled out and then Obameyang failed to convert a penalty.

Match prediction

It’s unlikely even all of Hodgson’s experience will help Watford now, too good Arsenal have picked up the pace. We recommend to bet on the guests’ victory (odds – 1.62).

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