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The first fight for Godoy Cruz in the Argentine Championship. Primera Division. The rival of the hosts will be Rosario. The stadium for the meeting will be the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium.

Since the championship has just started, you cannot focus on previously played matches, let’s take a look at the alignment given by the 1xbet bookmaker .

The chances of the away team Rosario to win are estimated slightly higher, the odds are 2.48

The last match between these teams took place 4 months ago and ended in a draw, with a score of 2: 2.
3 games played by today’s opponents in the recent past. Despite the away game, Rosario has every chance of success, since the game with this opponent was extremely successful for them before.

Godoy Cruz:

Coach Mendes, Sebastian continues to work with a team that is in controversial shape.
The home team is all right with the attacking line, but there are problems in defense. The game is especially bad outside the home arena. Consider how the team played its recent matches:
The last time the Godoy Cruz team had an away match with the Boca Unidos club, it took place 2 months ago. The positive outcome of the meeting for the guests was decided by two realized moments.
Earlier, the team played at home against the club from the city of Banfield – Banfield 2 months ago. The team showed a good game in defense, but one accurate blow decided the fate of the meeting not in their favor


The team is trained by Kily Gonzalez, Cristian. The team is in normal form.
The guests are all right with the attacking line, but there are problems in defense. The game is especially bad outside the home arena. Information on previously played matches:
Last time a month ago, the team had a home match with the club on October 12th. In this meeting, a draw was recorded, which could hardly satisfy this team.
Earlier, the team played a game at home against a club from the city – on October 12 a month ago. In this confrontation, the teams were unable to identify the strongest. As a result, only one point scored

Kush Predictions in Sport Godoy Cruz – Rosario

Guests of the match, the Rosario team played an average segment of 5 official matches, having won 3 of them. The probability of winning is estimated by odds 2.48

In the last 5 matches, the Rosario team have scored more than 2 goals on average. Bet on guests making ITB2 (2.00) 4.40

In the last 5 games, with the participation of the Rosario club, a total total of 13 goals was shown, the Games of the Rosario team pleases us with a good attack and implementation of chances, so you can try to take TB 2.5 2.11

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