Real Madrid — Inter Milan match forecast for the UEFA Champions League

Real Madrid

The famous Real Madrid is approaching this decisive battle in the role of the leading link in the league championship group D, where he certainly expects to stay after the final round. And it will help to make the “creamy” not defeat in the upcoming by no means easy confrontation with the champion of Italy. Where indoor football is unlikely to dominate on the field … That is, I can hardly imagine the Madrid players standing in defense with their stellar and attack-oriented squad, and even in the presence of their native, always demanding, sophisticated audience. And after all, this is how you can finish badly in the end. And even if the Moldovan Sheriff managed to take a 2: 1 victory from the updated Santiago Bernabeu, then it will be even easier for a much cooler Inter. So Madrid here willy-nilly should be drawn into an open showdown.


Yes, only a victory suits the Italian Internazionale in this fight, which is probably eager to rise above the eminent Real Madrid at the end of the group round. Moreover, the 1st line, in addition to monetary charms, also actually guarantees the club that occupied it a relatively not terrible opponent in the 1.8 finals (who wants to immediately run into, for example, Bayern Munich or Manchester City, right). Therefore, Inter will run here like a nice little one, thus substituting its far from reliable defense under the powerful blows of the hosts. The vulnerability of which was perfectly visible in at least the previous fights with the Sheriff 3: 1, 3: 1. Well, you can’t say anything bad about the Nerazzurri attack now, in particular, who alone broke through TB ​​2.5 in a difficult 3-0 trip to Roma under the guise of the last round of Serie A.


Odds for all sporting events can be found at 1xbet download. Thus, I look forward to the upcoming match of the great and terrible masters of world football in the person of Real Madrid + Inter goals and more goals. In any case, 3 successful attempts can not be a big problem for the steep compositions of “galacticos” and “black-blue”. Moreover, the Italians here are forced to play exclusively to win, which means they will not stop attacking even if the score is unfavorable for them. Which should lead to a considerable number of goals scored!)

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