River Plate — Atletico Mineiro in the Copa Libertadores

Actually, River Plate won the Copa Libertadores not so long ago and is the last team not from Brazil who managed to do it. Now the club, of course, really wants to regain the title. In addition, in the group everything went amazingly well. Now the team is in ninth place in the championship and is not very stable yet. In the last round, she lost to Godoy Cruz with a score of 1-2 on the road, although she created a lot of chances.

Atletico Mineiro

We can say that now are good times for Atletico Mineiro. At least the team is now leading the Brazilian championship and is really playing very well. Especially, of course, this applies to actions in defense. Although, when necessary, “black and white” and in the attack are included in full. Last round, the away team achieved a strong-willed 2-1 victory over Juventude, winning four of their last five meetings.

Forecast and bet on the match River Plate Buenos Aires – Atletico Mineiro. Exodus cf. 1.93

It just so happened that these teams have never played with each other. Here and now, River Plate is considered the favorite. Whatever one may say, but the team is really grand, which cannot be said about Atletico Mineiro. Yes, the team now looks very good, but the big question is whether the club will be able to compete at this level and whether it will be able to successfully play on two fronts. It seems to me that problems may indeed arise, so there is more faith in the success of the “red-white”.

Thus, my forecast for this match is W1 with odds of 1.93 on 1xbet v.83(2625).

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