Santos — Chapecoense match forecast in Brazil’s Serie A


Getting into the South American Cup at the end of the season will be just a pleasant bonus for Santos to maintain their registration in Serie A. The local team has already spent a long time in the relegation zone, and now they can safely play football. On the main outsider, “Santos” will be hard to tune in. Alas, the favorite can experience serious motivation problems. I warn you against betting like H1 (-1.5).


Well, there is no point in telling anything about Chapecoense. The team of guests has been in the queue for departure since the last round. Next season, the players from Chapeco will be dusting in the 2nd division, and it is not a fact that they will return soon. With home victories, the outsider did not grow together, but personally, I still have hope.

Personal meetings statistics

“Santos” churns out “bottoms” for 7 times in a row, and in their field they score exactly 1 goal in 90 minutes.

Moreover, in the last 8 face-to-face meetings TU was recorded, and 6 face-to-face fights in a row ended in someone’s victory.

Chapecoense away have earned 9 points this season. In Santos, guests from Chapeco have achieved success only once.

Forecast and bet on the match Santos – Chapecoense. Exodus cf. 1.88

Santos will not be easy against the already retired Chapecoense. No matter how the guest team is an inveterate outsider, the guests have definitely not forgotten how to fight. The maximum here will be 2-0. In the first round, “Santos” limited himself to a minimal victory at all. I take TU for a decent coefficient. There are no special prospects here to catch the “top” on the total. And for the entire championship, “Santos” only 4 at home struck total. Odds for all sporting events can be found at promo code for 1xbet.

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