Sao Paulo-Palmeiras Copa Libertadores


Wednesday will be a celebration of European football – it was decided to free the evening for the UEFA Super Cup. No less interesting meetings will take place in South America. At Copa Libertadores it’s time for the quarterfinals. In one of them, a purely Brazilian showdown will take place, between Sao Paulo and Palmeiras. Which one is better now? The editors are now ready to offer a forecast for an interesting match on August 11, 2021. 

Sao Paulo tries to save the season at the expense of Copa Libertadores

Tricolor is one of the most popular and ambitious teams in the country. They, however, have not been able to win anything on a serious level since 2012. But at the same time, it constantly turned out to add, and in 2020 it came out to take 4th place. We waited for further progress, but this time everything went awry. Sao Paulo averaged less than a point in a match in Brasileirao. Of course, this needs to be compensated for, and so far it is being done in Kopa. There, the Brazilians passed the group round of the main regional tournament. And then, taking only a draw at home, they knocked out in 1/8 Racing, defeating the Argentines in Avellaneda.

Palmeiras is now chasing two hares

The Greens have delighted their fans in recent years. True, it turned out only in “even” years. In 2016 and 2018, the club became the champion of Brazil. And last season they were able to win the Copa Libertadores, for the second time in their history (before that there was a triumph in 1999). Also combining this with success in the cup of their country. Now Abel Ferreira’s charges look great both on the domestic and international arena. In Serie A it will turn out to be in the leaders of the division. But at the same time, it turns out in Copa Libertadores to confidently pass the rounds to the next final. Palmeiras had no problems in the spring when he played in the group stage (5 wins in 6 meetings). And in the middle of July I managed to pass the Catholic Universidad. Both at home and with Chile, the “greens” were able to show an identical, successful result for themselves: twice by 1-0. 

Previous matches

Palmeiras managed to win only once in the last 11 matches. Even this season, Sao Paulo managed to win the final of the state championship (0-0 and 2-0), and just a week and a half ago, on August 1, the teams recorded a zero draw in Serie A.

Match prediction

It is noteworthy that now Sao Paulo will be the favorite, albeit with a minimal “gap”. But Palmeiras is clearly stronger now – we are waiting for the long-awaited victory of the guests, but still we will take the “0” handicap (coefficient – 2.06) on 1xbet.

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