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The 1xBet bookmaker is rapidly developing in the vast territory of Nigeria. Unlike its business competitors, 1xBet focuses not only on sports bets. For example, the game section of the 1xBet Casino was created, which has become a favorite pastime for gamers. The range of entertainment is limitless: about a thousand modern slots plus games with live dealers, virtual sports and much more.

Despite the fact that the number of customers has increased, the regular 1xBet bettors want to spin the reel as well. It does not matter what goals you have, the main thing is to relax and have fun. Gambling fans prefer 1xBet slots, because they often win the jackpot. The best slot machines in Nigeria on 1xbet.ng!

1xbet slots

General information about 1xBet slots in Nigeria

Elite slot machines are available to any gambler on the website 1xbet.ng, in the “Casino” section. It is the gateway to the world of high-class gambling entertainment. Usually, 1xBet slots are played on a computer, but you can download the app and enjoy the games from your smartphone. The programs are designed for Android and iOS devices, so 1xBet slot machines will always be with you. In 1xBet casino all games are classified and the search filter will help you find the desired one. Let’s consider the main sections:

  • Favorites;
  • Popular;
  • Jackpot;
  • 3D slot machines;
  • Video Poker;
  • Live Roulette.

In the “Popular” section you can find traditional slot machines with reels. Unlike regular slots, 1xBet casino offers only high-quality options with stunning graphics. The developers are the most reputable companies, such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Amatic, Igrosoft and others. In Nigeria these slots have a special reputation and are used more often than others. In the “Favorites” section, the gambler adds his favorite games. They become a part of everyday life, so you just need to visit this section not to look for them every time.

1xbet slot machines

Those who want to hit a big jackpot are sent to the “Jackpot” sector. This section contains promising games with a high probability of hitting the jackpot. Many gamblers want to choose this section right away thinking such games are really promising. It’s all about the increased risks. Otherwise, the jackpot will not fall out, and the winnings will remain scanty.

3D slots of 1xBet

3D slots of 1xBet casino will impress even a phlegmatic person. The developers did their best with the graphics. There are videos that add realism to the slots.

Video Poker and Roulette are a modern 1xBet virtual casino. Everything here is like in a real casino. The croupier manages the bets, gives away the winnings or takes the money. Fantastic special effects can divert any gambler from reality.

Name of the website1xbet.ng
Game sections1xBet Casino, 1xGames
Game typesSlots, video poker, roulette, virtual sports
Average return rate (RTP)92%
Games for moneyAfter registration
Currency for betsUSD, KZT, RUB

RTP – Return to Player

It is difficult for new gamblers of Nigeria to determine which slot is the most profitable. Everyone wants to win. How to understand 1xBet slot machines? The answer will be RTP (Return To Player), or in Russian, the return rate of a particular slot. Although the choice depends not only on the RTP, but the return is the main factor. Let’s list all the factors:

  • RTP;
  • recoil algorithm;
  • variance;
  • cyclicity.

The recoil parameter of the slot machine is expressed as a percentage. This is how much money the slot returns in short periods of time. The casino must also have a profit, but this profit is calculated over long periods of time. And the gamer should have a significant return on the machine in the short ones. This is the point of RTP. The higher the percentage, the more profitable the slot is.

For instance: choose one of the 1xBet slots with RTP of 95%. The indicator is quite encouraging, because at the end of the game cycle with millions of combinations, the gambler will eventually receive 95% of the delivered funds from the gaming machine. It is impossible to calculate the amount in numbers, as everything depends on the size of the bets. Remember, this percentage is always conditional. There are other factors as well.

Slot variance

Variance, as an indicator of the productivity of the machine, is also called volatility. It is based on the winning value of a particular 1xBet slot. High volatility means that a good jackpot will not hit soon. Gamblers will have to wait a long time, but the result can be different. It is better to choose slots with the least volatility, although the winnings will be insignificant, but frequent and constant. High variance is suitable for experienced gamblers who can give money for a month, but then they will catch so many wilds on free spins that all the costs will be paid off. Therefore, the variance can be safely called a risk indicator.

The concept of cyclicity of a slot machine

RTP and Variance determine the productivity of slots by 80%, but we cannot ignore the remaining factor – cyclicity. This term refers to the illusory representation of the game cycle. It cannot be predicted due to its ephemerality and conventionality. In other words, the cyclicity of 1xBet slots shows the time periods when the machine gives money with great generosity and when the slot devours bets without any cashback.

A striking example is the Arabian Nights slot, the cyclicity of which is very high. The duration of the cycle is explained by the fact that the slot machine belongs to the progressive category, and is located in the “Jackpot” section. After giving out one of the winnings, it will need time to accumulate a new jackpot. During this period, you should not expect to win. It is important to seize this moment until the machine reaches a large prize amount.

Recommendation how to win in 1xBet slots

In Nigeria there are many experienced gamblers who earn decent amounts on 1xBet slots. They do not have secrets, and they willingly share them on gaming forums. Below are the up-to-date instructions on how to attract luck on 1xBet slot machines. Follow all the steps in the order in which they are specified, and success will come soon. To choose a profitable 1xBet slot, you need to:

  1. Select the ten slot machines with the highest percentage of RTP. It is desirable the percentage is not lower than 90.
  2. Analyze the variance of the selected slots, and try to calculate their cyclicity by the popularity rating.
  3. The 1xBet casino has a section with a slot machine tester. Use it to determine the hidden parameters of the selected ten slots.
  4. Turn on the demo mode and test each slot by placing the bets with virtual money. The bet amount must be the same as the one you are going to bet in the paid mode.
  5. Make at least one hundred spins on each slot machine, using all the available paylines.
  6. Analyze the result, paying attention to the number of dropped symbols (expensive, cheap, wilds).

The analysis will make it clear which of the machines gives at the moment, and which one takes away. If there are a lot of symbols, this means the slot is in the recoil mode, and it should be immediately used in the paid mode with real bets. As soon as the symbols stop falling, you need to leave this slot and choose another one. Only five of ten selected slot machines can be used for real money. You should not spend money without passing the slot machine through the demo mode in 1xBet casino. This is the golden rule of gamblers.

What is 1xGames at 1xBet Casino

1xBet continues to expand the range of gambling entertainment in Nigeria. Except for the main “Casino” section an experimental project “1xGames” was proposed as an addition to the existing slots. The section is at the stage of development. The slot machines are not inferior to ones in the 1xBet casino, although the range is much more modest.

The slot “Crystal” attracts the audience with its unobtrusiveness and simplicity. Crystals fall horizontally and vertically, but the combination is considered winning only when five pieces of the same color fall out. A wild symbol in the form of a large coin is provided. It can replace any of the crystals. You can play for money in 1xGames, you need to register as well.

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