Prediction Sport Recife – Ponte Preta in the match Serie B Brazil

June, as is often the case, becomes not a “club” month in football terms, but a “team” month. And this will be evident from the very first day. But there will also be clubs playing somewhere, including, of course, Brazil. Just before midnight, there will be a clash between Sport Recife and Ponte Preta in the local Serie B. Which of these teams is stronger now? On our website, we have our expert forecast for this match on June 1, 2022.Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet V.95.

Sport Recife are certain to aim for a return to the country’s top division from the get-go

The Lions have recently shown a tendency to test fans’ nerves with increasing frequency by saying goodbye to Serie A. The last time it was in 2019 – however, then the team managed to take 2nd place immediately, which was enough for a return to the Brasileirao. Obviously, they want to pull the same trick now. It’s too early to assess how well that’s working out, but it’s clear that they were hoping for something more. There have been many victories, but they are mixed with draws and even defeats. And the last 2 rounds brought only 1 point. However, you do not need to take the lead, just finish in the top quartet. There’s a good chance for that.

Ponte Preta are gradually becoming Serie B’s mid-table side

Macaca have only spent five years in the top flight in the last decade and a half – first in 2012-13, then, after a minimal pause, still in 2015-2017. But then, after finishing 19th, bogged down in a lower league in the country. First came up a little short, coming to a denouement in 5th place, but then rolled back to the middle of the table. And now the start was even worse than in previous years. The team are a serious force at home – both wins and 8 points were taken there. In comparison, on foreign fields, Ponte Preta hardly ever score, and have so far taken only 1 draw, with Guarani, with 3 defeats. Not surprisingly, as a result, the Campinas representative now sits at the bottom of the table. And, more importantly, with its density minimally overtaking those positioned in the relegation zone.

Previous matches

The last time the sides crossed paths was in 2019, when Sport Recife were relegated to Serie B. Back then, the Lions picked up 4 points from a possible 6: 2-2 away, 2-1 at home against Ponte Preta.

Match prediction

Sport Recife doesn’t shine, but they play a comfortable opponent at home. We bet on the home team to win (odds 1.92).

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