Strasbourg — Angers SCO in the framework of the Ligue 1 of France

On August 8, at the La Meno stadium, within the 1st round of the French championship, Strasbourg and Angers will play against each other. There is no favorite in this pair. We are looking forward to the starting whistle.

Strasbourg did not play in the best way last season. The team finished it in 15th place, just 2 points away from the relegation zone. By the way, even in the course of the last championship at “Racing” was replaced by a stavnik. The place of Thierry Lauret was taken by Julien Stéphane. This coach took Rennes to the group stage of the Champions League. It is possible that Strasbourg will progress with him.

In the summer, the team held a number of control meetings, in which it proved itself far from the best: only 1 victory in 5 matches, with 3 defeats and one world outcome. In none of the 5 matches did the team keep their gates locked.

Last season, Strasbourg played very poorly in defense. Team 58 goals (only 5 teams in Ligue 1 conceded more).

At home, in the last league draw, “Racing” at home scored only 17 points out of 42.

About frames. Due to a knee injury, Lebo Motiba remains in question.


Angers also has a new coach. Stéphane Moulin left the team (headed by Kahn), and Gerald Batikl took his place.

Last season, the black-and-white finished in 13th place in the table (44 points). It is noteworthy that the team, like Strasbourg, also conceded 58 goals into their own net.

Interestingly, for the first part of the last season, Angers earned 30 points, and for the second only 14. Moreover, in the last 7 games in Ligue 1, only 1 Victoria was recorded.

In the last 10 away matches (in the French championship) Angers had only 1 victory.

In the summer, the team played 5 friendly matches. The following results were recorded in them: 2 victories, 2 world outcomes and 1 defeat. Goals scored – 8, conceded – 5.

About frames. All footballers are healthy and ready to appear on the field.

Personal meeting statistics

Last season, the face-to-face meeting at Strasbourg ended in a goalless draw.

5 of Angers’ last 7 games in Ligue 1 ended with a total of over 2.5.

Strasbourg’s last home victory over Angers dates back to 2009. Then the teams played in League 2.

Jérémy Stinat was appointed as the chief arbiter of the meeting. In 53% of his matches, he assigns a penalty.

Forecast and bet on the match Strasbourg – Angers. Exodus with cf. 3.54

I think the teams are absolutely equal. The bookmaker believes in the receiving party a little more. But I think that this is due solely to the factor of its own field. At the same time, do not forget that Strasbourg has not been able to beat Angers at home for more than 10 years. More information can be found at 1xbet v.83(2625)

Both teams will try to start the new season with a win. But I fully admit that, like last season, a world outcome could be recorded at La Meno.

My prediction. I suggest taking a little risk and betting on a draw. Moreover, 4 of the 7 previous games of Strasbourg and Angers in Ligue 1 ended in a draw!

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