The forecast of Aldosivi — Boca Juniors in the match of the Argentine Super League

One of the leaders of football in Argentina, Boca Juniors, is failing this season. One of the last real chances to get close to the leaders of the current Example will be a trip to Aldosivi. But will it bring success to the “Genoese”? For the readers of the site, an exclusive prediction has been made for the match that will be played, according to European time, on the night of November 9, 2021. All odds for the match can be found on 1xbet login.

Aldosivi was able to add in the middle of autumn

“Shark” until the middle of the last decade spent only a couple of years at the level of the country’s top division in its entire history. Moreover, they fell back in the 70s, after which there was a protracted decline. Only in 2015 did they manage to return, but from the first attempt to gain a foothold in the Example it did not work out. But still, the club is now in the elite division of the country. Moreover, he was able to get out of a protracted crisis in the fall, when there were defeats in Example 8 times in a row. But in the last 4 fights, Aldosivi has already scored 8 points: he won at home against Independiente and Arsenal (Sarandi) and drew meetings with Newells Old Boys and Central Cordoba. Both times the fights were scored without goals.

Boca Juniors is unlikely to keep the championship title – only a miracle will help

The Genoese won the Example in 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2020, although in the latter case, due to the coronavirus, it was necessary to put an end to it ahead of schedule. But in this drawing, practically nothing comes of it. Copa Libertadores ended at the stage of 1/8 finals, with a departure from the Brazilians – Atletico Mineiro. Then, within the framework of the championship, the grandee could not get in shape and find their game. As a result, Miguel Angel Russo said goodbye. The responsibilities of the mentor were assigned to Battaglia, who had previously worked with the reserve. Under Sebastian, it turned out to add significantly. But, first of all, it was still not possible to catch up with the leaders led by the enemy, River Plate. Secondly, in the last fights, nothing happens again. First, the “Genoese” lost to Velez Sarsfield on the road, and then, in the last round, and Gimnasia La Plata at home.

Previous matches

In the first game between the clubs, Aldosivi managed to win, also on the road, with a score of 3-0. But then Boca Juniors managed to take a confident revenge, winning four times with a couple of draws.

Match prediction

Aldosivi just doesn’t really need anything, and Boca Juniors doesn’t do much. We recommend taking “less than 2.5 balls in total” (coefficient – 1.61).

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