The forecast of the match Alaves – Granada in the Spanish La Liga


It should be noted that Deportivo Alaves have been scoring the lion’s share of their points this season at the home ground. Where the “bean eaters” are now capable of, if not eating up, then beating many opponents, even the title holders. The example of the recent duels with: No. 2 Sevilla 0-0, the famous Valencia 2-1, Athletic Bilbao 0-0, the strong Sociedad 1-1 and Getafe 1-1. Where, as we can see, there was also a non-standard betting total of less than 3.5 on top of that!


As for Granada, lately the Moors’ game has become totally rickety and they are already one-legged balancing over the relegation zone. Being in the grasp of a 10-match unbeaten streak. Away Andalusia team looks completely harmless, having won just one victory in the current La Liga (in 14 games). And even then, they were beaten by a major underdog, Levante, who at the time were beating everyone indiscriminately.


Full statistics and all current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet bonus code. The match is actually not even for 6 points, as they say in such important cases – but for all 9 (sorry for the improvisation). Where the price of even one mistake can be decisive and fatal. Which is perfectly understood by both teams, who are unlikely to try to out-shoot each other in the open here. Firstly, it is not typical of Alaves, it is not their style, and secondly, Granada are unlikely to go to the trouble, still having at least some safety cushion from the abyss of relegation… So I’d say 1X + TU 3.5 for a decent odds.

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