The forecast of the match Dynamo Minsk — Slutsk in the championship of Belarus

Dynamo Minsk

Minsk play at their usual level. In their 10 games they have won 6 times, and in 5 of those, they only won by a single goal. Although they went through a very impressive transfer policy this winter, there has not been any dramatic change in their game. A third of the championship is behind us, and the Miners are in their usual third place. As for the upcoming match, there aren’t any particular prerequisites for the Miners to win easily. Some Dynamo players were called up for the national team, the team got embarrassed very badly, and clearly it will not add positive emotions to Dynamo camp. Well, we should also take into account the fact that Slutsk look surprisingly good now, and they do not give points to opponents very reluctantly. That’s actually the problem that Minsk may well have. As I said, Dinamo have only one win so far this season with a margin of more than one goal.


Slutsk are doing very well so far. Nobody really saw this team as a contender even in the top-8, but the “Saharan” are in the 7th position so far, and they’re going to Minsk on a streak of 5 games without losses. Slutsk have only one fiasco so far this season, losing 2-4 to FC Minsk on Matchday 4 and that’s about it. Yes, of course, it is worth picking on the fact that out of the 9 held matches, Slutsk had 5 draws, and a large number of draws – for good can not lead. But, Slutsk is still the team that is considered the outsider of the championship, and clearly it is surprising looks the fact that in 9 games this outsider has lost only once. In fact, in their battle with a damped-down Dynamo, the Saharans have a real chance of extending their unbeaten streak.


The odds are, of course, stacked against Minsk, and they’re even pushing to bet on a home team victory with a minus handicap. But as I’ve already said, things have been pretty slow for Minsk this season. And then there’s their stubborn opponent, who refuses to lose this season. So basically what we have here is going to be a one goal lead. My bet for this match: Handicap (+1.5) on Slutsk. Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at how to register with 1xbet.

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