The forecast of the Nacional de Football against Red Bull Bragantino in the Copa Libertadores match


Last season, one of Uruguay’s most decorated clubs did not look too good. But the situation is much more positive for the team now, when it comes to the national championship. The club is currently second in the standings, having beaten Albion 2-0 at home.


Red Bull Bragantino have made a very strong jump. The team has added so much since Red Bull took over that the situation now looks completely different. But in general, it is also important to say that the club has had a lot of problems lately. Red Bull Bragantino have not won in six games in a row.

Head-to-head stats

It would really be very funny if these teams had played each other before. While the Nacional were enjoying success on the international stage, the Red Bull Bragantino were playing in the second league and had no serious claim to anything. It was the first time they played Brazil at the beginning of this April.

Prediction and bet on the match Nacional Montevideo – CA Bragantino. Odds cf. 2,11

Last time Red Bull Bragantino got a 2-0 win. Interestingly, according to the bookmakers, the team is still the favourite in this pairing. That said, the three clubs in this group are fighting for a playoff spot, so the situation is tense and could lead to a very bright game indeed. Full statistics and current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet.

Therefore, my prediction for this match is Total over (2.5) at odds of 2.11.

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