The forecast of the Panama vs Canada match at the 2022 World Cup

The FIFA window closes on Thursday night. The last national teams from North America will play at that time. The national teams of Panama and Canada will also play in the last round. Who will be able to finish the series with a victory? The site experts have developed an author’s forecast and preview for this match on March 31, 2022. Full statistics and all current odds for the match can be found at 1xbet app.

Panama failed to repeat the result of the last cycle

The Canalisers were able to make their World Cup debut in 2018. In Russia, though, the newcomer was frankly unable to produce any memorable or impressive performances, except that, after losing all three games and conceding 11 goals, they still managed to score twice. But there were certainly hopes of repeating their success in the new cycle. Except that much of their success in the last qualifying was due to the dismal failure of the USA. Now the Americans are more or less in form, plus Canada is on fire. Panama, on the other hand, has slipped back into mediocrity. The last round was 1-5 just against the Americans, and after that there was no chance to take the 4th place. The gap to Costa Rica is too big, as much as 4 points…

Canada have shattered the myth that they are not a football country

The Maple Leafs have always been strong in hockey. But at the same time they never managed to show anything good in football. Unless there was a surge in the late 70s and first half of the 80s. The Canadians reached the semifinals of the Gold Cup three times and even won it in 1985. A year later they debuted in the World Cup. But then, they never managed to do it again (in the World Cups and at the regional level, it sometimes worked out). But now Alphonso Davies and Jonathan David have grown and matured, and there are a few other strong players. Now a real breakthrough has come out. The team hasn’t just added – they’re going first, and have scored 8 wins and 28 points in 13 matches. After their 4-0 win against Jamaica in the last round it was the Canadians, not the usual favourites, USA and Mexico, who managed to secure their place in the next World Cup.

Previous matches

It’s not particularly worth delving into history – the teams haven’t crossed paths with each other for a long time after 2014. It was only last year that the Canadians managed to defeat Panama 4-1 at home.

Match prediction

By and large, nothing is decided here anymore. Of course, a celebrating Canada is unlikely to be in the tone that they were in the last face-to-face meeting. Still, we expect an away win for the leader of the selection as well (odds are 1.93).

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