The forecast of the Senegal — Cape Verde match at the African Cup of Nations

The Africa Cup is not as exciting as the European Championships and the teams are weaker, but it is an important event to bet on. Here is our exclusive forecast for Senegal v Cape Verde. Full statistics and all odds for the match can be found at 1xbet V.88.

More is expected from the Senegalese

The Senegalese team has achieved a unique result in this tournament, scoring just one goal in three games, the team managed to win their quartet. In the first match, the team defeated Zimbabwe 1-0 with great difficulty, the decisive goal was only scored in the 90+7th minute when Mane converted a penalty. The next two meetings against Guinea and Malawi ended in two nil draws. In terms of play, Senegal look frankly sluggish, although the team is capable of improving.

Strong Cape Verde

Cape Verde qualified for the play-offs in third place, losing on penalties to Burkina Faso. They beat Ethiopia 1-0 in their first leg before losing to Burkina Faso by the same score. In their last encounter, the team held their own against Cameroon, drawing 1-1. The team are no match for the opposition, as the group stage results have already shown.

Head-to-head encounters

The last time the teams crossed paths was last year, when Senegal won 2-0 in a friendly game. Going deeper into the history of the confrontation, the Senegalese side are also outclassed here.

Match prediction

Senegal are expected to be given more of a chance of success, with only star like Kane in the line-up. At the same time, Cape Verde are capable of putting up a fight, perhaps the fight will not be limited to the main time. The Senegalese have not yet shown their best, we can’t afford to save energy, so we’ll put our money on a clean win.

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