The forecast of the Ural vs Krasnodar match in the Russian Premier League


The story of last season continues at Ural. By some miracle Ekaterinburg were able to get a boost at the end of last season and avoid even transition games. But as time showed, the improvement in the team’s results was very short-lived, and here again Ural are drowning in ugly results. Ural’s main problem last season was their attacking game and Yekaterinburg were not good at scoring. Now that problem is again at the top of the list; we lost 0-2 to CSKA and 0-3 to Orenburg. The match against Orenburg was very important for Ural, because it was their potential survival rival, and this is how Shalimov’s team, simply fell apart in a game with a roughly equal opponent. Igor Shalimov, this is an offensive subject altogether… Every time I have a question for the team that invited him, WHY do you do that? Whatever team he invited him to, it immediately became a knock-out shoo-in… So, everything is very vague in Ekaterinburg at the moment, and it’s not rosy.


Krasnodar got off to a poor start… 2-2 with Fakel, and 1-4 lost to Spartak. Yes, if the Bulls had a game with some more or less quality team right now, it would be extremely difficult to put them as favourites. But here I’m starting from the fact that against Krasnodar the team is in as bad a condition as Krasnodar itself. Only the Bulls’ situation looks more encouraging. 6 conceded goals in 2 starts is certainly a lot. But, Ural have conceded just one goal less. But Krasnodar have seen their attacking game and they have already scored 3 goals against their opponents in the opening games. So it turns out that Krasnodar only need to improve their defensive play, while Ural need to change everything. They need to learn how to score and not concede 5 goals in two games. So it turns out that against Ural, Krasnodar are in a better position now.


Well, this is a duel between two teams that are off to a bad start this season. But if from Krasnodar this failure looks unexpected, and clearly there are prerequisites that things will soon get better for the Bulls, then you can’t say that about Ural, and about the same could be expected in their performance. Ural continue to be the only team that has not yet scored in this championship, and this series can easily drag on. That’s why there is absolutely no desire to bet on Ural at the moment. My bet: Krasnodar will not lose. For full statistics and odds for the match, look at 1xbet betting.

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