USA vs. Costa Rica, World Cup 2022

The US home team will host Costa Rica as part of the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. CONCACAF.

Last time, in a personal meeting between the clubs, the home team celebrated their success. By the way, the USA team also played this victorious match at home.
Club Costa Rica failed in defense, which allowed the opposing team to win a convincing victory.
2 games were played by today’s opponents in the recent past. The USA looks to be the favorite in this meeting, because In the last 2 games, they emerged victorious from the face-to-face confrontation of these teams


USA is second in the standings of 8. Coach Gregg Berhalter continues to work with a team that is in good shape.
According to statistics from recent matches, the club is showing equally effective defensive play at home and away. Some data on recent games:
The last time a month ago, the team had an away match with the club Honduras. The match pleased with the goals scored. The teams played without looking back at their own goal, which resulted in 5 goals scored.
Previously, the team played at home against a club from the city – Canada a month ago. In this meeting, a draw was recorded, which could hardly satisfy this team

Costa Rica:

Costa Rica ranks fifth in the standings out of 8. This team is coached by Suarez Guzman LF. The team is in weak shape.
The team has recently managed to show a more organized defense on the road. Food for thought:
Last time a month ago, the team had a home match with Jamaica. In this confrontation, the teams were unable to identify the strongest. As a result, only one point scored.
Earlier, the team played at home against a club from the city – Mexico a month ago. The team showed a good game in defense, but one accurate blow decided the fate of the meeting not in their favor

Bookmakers rightfully consider the home team to be the unconditional favorites of the meeting. The class difference between the teams is huge 1.66 – 1xbet

Predictions in Sports USA – Costa Rica

The hosts of the match, the USA team, played a good segment of 5 official matches, having won 3 of them. The odds of winning are estimated at 1.66 – 1xbet

The Costa Rica team has problems with a good conversion of chances on the road, as a result of which few away goals were scored, which is not a reason to bet on ITU2 1.5 1.16

In the last 5 games, with the participation of the Costa Rica club, a total total of 5 goals was shown. In recent matches, the Costa Rica club showed a rather restrained game. On average, a match was scored in the region of one and a half goals. You can try to bet on the fact that the scoring extravaganza will take place and the teams will break through TO ​​2 1.73

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