Vietnam vs China match forecast for the 2022 World Cup qualification


The challenge for the Vietnamese for the rest of this qualifying round is surely to gain a point of prestige. After 7 games, the points tally for Vietnam is completely empty. Not surprising, because the quality of the Vietnamese squad is not very high and they do not feel very comfortable among the strongest teams on the continent … The first game of the current training camp for the Vietnamese was a failure, they lost 0:4 to the Australians. And judging by the game, the score might well have been 0-8… The supporters of the Vietnamese squad can hardly expect their beloved team to beat anyone in the remaining 3 rounds of qualification, and the hope is more on a draw, just in case the Vietnamese can dry someone out. Although, Vietnam’s goal difference does not give them any reason to say they are good at drying games 4:16. The Vietnamese side have faced the Chinese six times, and all six games ended in defeats for them. In fact, the upcoming game is unlikely to end any differently…


Again, the Chinese team failed to put up a real fight for a World Cup berth… Now the Chinese are only in the 5th position in the group and the best they can do is to get one place higher. What’s rather strange is that the bookmakers don’t trust the Chinese outright in this match, with the odds on the visitors (2.1). It’s rather incomprehensible, as the Chinese squad has beaten the Vietnamese in head-to-head battles time and time again. The goal difference in head-to-head encounters between these teams is 21-5 in favour of the Chinese. Perhaps the bookmakers were disconcerted by the fact that the Chinese only managed to beat the Vietnamese 3-2 in their qualifying game; that’s why the odds are so high for the visitors in this encounter. However, despite the Chinese’s lack of confidence in current qualifying, they are still huge favourites against the Vietnamese.


Full statistics and all odds for the match can be found at 1xbet app. I initially wanted to place a net win for the Chinese team in this match, but when I saw the odds for the visitors I started having doubts. That’s actually why I decided to bet on the guests with insurance in the form of handicap (0). I don`t have any faith in the home team`s victory, but I can insure a peaceful outcome. So I decided to bet on a win for China with a handicap (0).

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