West Bromwich Albion vs QPR game forecast

West Bromwich

West Bromwich Albion is currently only the third in the Championship, the team lost the lead after three consecutive draws. But despite this, the “Canaries” still remain one of the most productive in the Championship – they have fourteen goals on their account.

Moreover, this season, West Bromwich Albion has conceded only seven times, and this is the second indicator of the season. So the “Striped” will still compete for leadership, they have not a single defeat in the liabilities.


Queens Park Rangers are currently playing rather insecurely, the team started the season very confidently, but for three rounds in a row they have not been able to win. The last two matches are generally defeats, one from the leader of the Bournemouth season, the second from the Bristol City team, the closest opponent and main rival.

But it is worth noting that the team scored in each of the two lost matches, so it will be able to excel even now.

Forecast and bet on the match West Bromwich Albion – Queens Park Rangers. Exodus cf. 1.74

Since West Bromwich Albion were not in the previous Championship season, they did not play against Queens Park Rangers. However, in the season before last, there were two such fights, and at the same time they were both interesting. You can place your bet on how to register with 1xbet.

On the road, West Bromwich Albion managed to win, and the score of the match was 2: 0, and in the second match the teams shared the points, while the score was 2: 2.

It is important to note that in each match at least one team scored twice, which means that there will be a productive match now, the bet will be on Total Over 2.5.

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